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Research Services

Tourism Extension works on a variety of research projects that assist business owners, communities and other tourism-related organizations in making informed decisions based on sound research.  We will work with you to provide a custom research solution to address your needs at an affordable cost. 

Research Services:

Research Planning

Tourism Extension will work with you to develop a research strategy that best fits your needs and budget.    We can assist you in determining what information needs to be collected as well as identifying existing data already available to help answer your questions. 

Examples of research projects

    • Visitor studies
    • Economic Impact Analyses
    • Marketing Plans

Data Collection


Tourism Extension can work with you to create a survey instrument tailored to your research questions.  We can also work with you to collect data, or provide data collection strategies for you to use.  Interviews and focus groups

Interviews and Focus Groups

Interviews and focus groups provide detailed and in-depth information about issues that are important to your business, community or event.  Tourism Extension can assist you in determining if these strategies are right for you as well as collect the data required to answer your questions.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Tourism Extension has the capacity to quickly analyze your data and provide you with a detailed and easy to understand research report.  We will work with you to digest the research findings and formally present the results of the study.

If you already collect data or surveys, but do not have the time to analyze the results, Tourism Extension can assist you with data entry and analysis to help you understand your data. 

*Fees differ based on services requested.

Contact us via e-mail or telephone (919-515-4260) for more information.