Niche Tourism:
Parks as Tourism Attractions

County and municipal parks are often regarded as providing amenities and opportunities for local residents. However, tourists are often drawn to communities based on various attractions, including arts, heritage and cultural places, outdoor recreation opportunities, festivals and events, and sports. A large proportion of these attractions are often provided by parks and recreation agencies. Thus, in many communities, parks and recreation agencies play a key role in the development and provision of tourism attractions. Historic Yates Mill County Park, located in Raleigh, NC, provides many opportunities for both residents and tourists to reconnect with nature, heritage and history. While the park is only five miles south of downtown Raleigh, it offers visitors an "Escape from the Daily Grind," and a unique respite from the city.

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Please watch the video and listen as Rebeccah Cope shares how Historic Yates Mill County Park serves as a tourism attraction for history, culture and nature-based opportunities in Wake County.

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Rebeccah Cope

Rebeccah Cope is Program Director at Historic Yates Mill County Park. She is enthusiastically dedicated to the ongoing outreach of the park.

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