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Chapter 31

Chapter 31 benefits are managed by the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Division in Winston-Salem, NC. In order to receive CH31 benefits, you must have submitted an application and been approved for CH31 services by the VR&E Winston-Salem Regional Office.  The telephone number for VR&E is (336) 714-6099.

If you have applied and your application has been approved, your assigned Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor will assist you with enrollment processing and provide the written authorization to North Carolina State University (NC State).  For Veterans who have recently relocated to the area, you must contact the VR&E Division prior to enrollment at NC State. 

Step 1. Apply for Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (CH31) benefits.  You can apply online at

Step 2. Upon receipt of approval and written authorization from your assigned VA VR Counselor, register for classes at NC State as soon as your enrollment appointment opens. To see when your enrollment appointment opens, log into NC State's MyPack portal, and look for enrollment appointment information on your Student Center landing page.

Step 3. Complete the Certification Request on after you have finished enrolling in classes and are done making schedule changes. Any schedule change that you make after you have turned in your worksheet (and we have reported your courses to VA) can result in your owing money to VA.

We will notify the cashiers office that you are a Chapter 31 student. The cashiers office will defer your charges under Chapter 31 as they know that VA will be sending payment. The cashiers office will bill VA at some point after the start of the semester and VA will send payment.

We will also send authorization to the bookstore so that your books will be provided at no cost to you.