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Chapter 33- Dependent TOE (Transfer of Entitlement)

Step 1. Your sponsor will need to apply to the Department of Defense to transfer their GI Bill to you. They can do this on the DoD Transfer site

Step 2. Once the transfer has been approved, you will need to apply for the GI Bill benefits on the GI Bill website by completing a 22-1990E form

  • Go to
  • Click on "Apply for Benefits"
  • Click on Launch VONAPP (the Veterans Online Application System)
  • Follow Instructions for creating a login and password
  • Select the 22-1990E from the dropdown menu
  • Complete the form and then submit electronically to VA
  • Save a copy as a .pdf to send to the Certifying Official at NC State- it will take the VA about 3 months to approve your application and to send you a Certificate of Eligiblity. A copy of your completed 22-1990E can help us get started

Step 3. Submit your DoD Transfer Approval letter, Certificate of Eligibility (if you have it) or 22-1990E to the Certifying Official

Step 4. Register for classes at NC State as soon as your enrollment appointment opens. To see when your enrollment appointment opens, log into the portal

Step 5. Complete the Certification Request on after you have finished enrolling in classes and are done making schedule changes. Any schedule change that you make after you have turned in your worksheet (and we have reported your courses to VA) can result in your owing money to VA.

We will notify the cashiers office that you are a Chapter 33 student. Please see "Payment Deferment- Step by Step" for more information about how payments work at NC State.

Important Notes for Chapter 33 Students:

We will report your hours to VA as soon as your complete your enrollment workshset, however, we wait until cashiers office census day to report tuition and fees. You may receive a letter from VA in the meantime informing you that we reported that you were not charged and so they are not paying- please disregard this letter. As soon as we report the figures, VA will send payment.

VA pays your book money at a rate of $41.67/credit hour for a maximum of $1000 per year. This money comes as a direct deposit to the bank account you reported to VA in your application. It typically arrives 3-4 weeks after certiifcation.

Your monthly desposits will come on the 1st of the month for the previous month and are only paid for days you are enrolled in class. So, for example, for the Fall semester if classes start on 17 August, you would be paid on 1 Sep for 17-31 August. This would not be a full months payment. The first full payment will come in 1 October for the month of September.

VA pays for the classes that you enroll in and so anytime you change your schedule, you may be required to pay money back to VA. If you fail a class, you may also owe money to VA. If you use the grade exclusion policy at NC State, you may also owe money to VA. Please check with the NC State Veterans' Education Office before making any changes.