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Payment Plan Amount Examples

I realize that these examples are not all inclusive, but should give you an idea of how to figure out your plan. Basic instructions are:  


*** Please remember that VA only sends payment to the school for Chapter 33 students’ tuition and fees


  • I am Chapter 33-100%. I also have a scholarship for $1000. I have in state tuition and fees ($4000) and room and board plus meal plan ($3500). What is my payment plan amount.
  • VA pays your full in state tuition/fees since you are approved at 100%. You then have a $1000 scholarship to offset the remaining $3500 that you owe. That leaves $2500 for your payment plan.


  • I am Chapter 33- 80%. I have no room and board/meals etc. and my in state tuition and fees are $4000.
  • VA will pay 80% of your cost- $3200 and your plan should be set up for the difference of $800.


  • I am Chapter 33-100% but I am out of state for residency. My out of state charges are $9000 and the in state equivalent is $4000. I also have room and board/meal plan in the amount of $3500.
  • VA will pay the $4000 in state tuition and fees and you will need to set up payment plan for the difference of $8500. If you receive any other financial aid, you can deduct that from the $8500 and set up a plan for the difference,


  • I am a Chapter 30, 35, 1606 or 1607 and I have no other financial aid.
  • The full charges posted in your student account must be set up in the payment plan. If you are awarded any scholarships or grants later, those amounts can be deducted and you can set up the difference in the payment plan.