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Payment Deferment and Payment Plan Step by Step

The NC State cashiers office understands that it can take some time for VA to begin sending students payments. Because of this understandable delay, they have created a GI Bill payment plan for students utilizing the GI Bill.

The payment plan is only necessary for any amount on the student account that is not paid DIRECTLY by the VA and/or other financial aid. The VA and financial aid money will automatically be defered.

Please note that the only payment that comes DIRECTLY to the school from VA is tuition and fees for Chapter 33 students ONLY.

Click here for some examples of payment plan amounts

How do I set up the payment plan?

Step 1. Each semester VA students are required to complete their enrollment worksheet as soon as they have registered for classes. When the NC State Veterans' Education Office receives the worksheet, we will certify your enrollment to the VA and notify the cashiers office of your status.

Step 2. Cashiers office will send students a link for the GI Bill payment plan system if a payment plan is required. (again, see link above for payment plan amount examples)

Step 3. Student will calculate the amount of the payment plan (or call the cashiers office for help figuring out the amount) and then register in the GI Bill payment plan system for the correct amount.

Step 4. Payments are now deferred and you will not be required to make a payment until the first payment deadline under the GI Bill payment plan. You can read more about this in the cashiers office .pdf entitled GI Bill Payment Plan.

Click here for a .pdf document from the cashiers office explaining the payment plan due dates