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Welcome Letter

VA Certification Official William Doey

The NC State Veterans' Education Office serves approximately 630 veterans and dependents in the utilization of their GI Bill benefits. Our website contains step by step instructions for setting up GI Bill and payment deferment as well as an online orientation presentation and FAQ section that will provide you with all of the answers to your most frequently asked questions. Please visit these sections on the website for further information.

Whether you are Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Veteran or dependent, our office is here to serve you and your GI Bill needs. We are so happy that you have chosen NC State University. Please let us know how we can serve you and your family better.

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William C. Doey, Jr.
Registration and Records
Veterans Education - Certifying Official
NC State University

Phone: 919-515-3048
Fax: 919-515-2376