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Women In Science & Engineering (WISE) Village!   

The WISE Village provides first and second year women entering into the STEM fields a unique opportunity to live and work with other women in STEM majors taking similar classes and with similar interests. WISE is a supportive community that focuses on helping NC State feel like home. All first year women have an upper-class mentor who is an excellent resource for them in their transition from high school to college. As a village we provide a variety of academic and social events and opportunities each month for the WISE women.

We hope that you will consider applying for the WISE Village!

Kasey & Kathy


In order to apply to the WISE Village, you must first complete a Housing Application for 2014-2015 by logging in to MyPack Portal and selecting the student services>University Housing>perspective student>Housing application. Any accepted student may complete the housing application. (There is a PDF so that you may review the screens before you complete the application). There is no financial obligation to complete the housing application. The University Advance Enrollment Deposit of $200.00 confirms your plans to attend NCSU. You do not have to pay this deposit before signing up for University Housing and WISE!

Once the Housing Application is completed and submitted, students may return to the Housing Self Service Page, select the Living and Learning Village link, and complete the appropriate Village application (WISE Village). The completed Village applications will have a status of "Pending." Upon review and acceptance of the application, the status will change to "Approved" and you will be notified by the Village.

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