What is STUCO about?

WISE STUCO is all about creating events for the women of WISE. There are three main components: social, community service, and fundraising. The strucutre consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary and two co-chairs for the social, community service and fundraising committees. The entire council is made up of current WISE women who create different programs. Social programs focus on fun events that let women particpate in fun crafts, movie nights, girls night, etc! Community Service focuses on helping ladies find outlets to give back to our local community. Fundraising helps to raise funds to support our End-of-Year celebration!

What have we done?

In the 2011-2012 year, WISE STUCO had events such as Cream Carolina, where students could pay to pie "Carolina" students. We had our "Afriad of the Dark" campout where ladies celebrated halloween by spending the night outside in tents, playing games, watching scary movies, while enjoying popcorn and cotton candy! STUCO also particpate in Relay for Life and raised $1,900!


Contact Us

If you have any suggestions for programs you would like to see this year, please e-mail the current President, Kristine Nesslinger at kanessli@ncsu.edu or the Vice President, Violet Wiseman at avwisema@ncsu.eduWe would love to hear any suggestions or get any feedback!







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