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Brandon Lunk's Headshot Brandon Lunk
 email: brlunk at ncsu dot edu  

   Brandon was born near Watertown, New York and graduated in 2004 with a BS in Physics from UNC Chapel Hill, with a minor in mathematics.   While there, Brandon discovered a passion for teaching and gained experience updating the introductory physics labs and working as a supplementary instructor. After spending a year taking post baccalaureate classes at NCSU while pursuing other endeavors, Brandon discovered PERD and began graduate studies in the fall of 2006.
    Given the increased use of computational modeling in the introductory classrooms, Brandon is interested in how students understand the roll the Momentum Principle (Impulse-Momentum Theorem) plays in an iterative loop. Brandon has also begun applying the methods of discourse analysis to the verbal data that arrises from students and student groups working on computer modeling.
Brandon has experience working as a TA in the conceptual physics lab,
and the Matter and Interactions laboratory sections including a semester as a SCALE-UP TA. Additionally, Brandon has had experience giving lectures to an introductory Modern Physics class.


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