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Riddick 220 - NCSU Qualitative Education Research Lab (QERL)

Riddick 220 allows researchers to observe interviews with the protection of invisibility and capture all video/audio from the interview session. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to:

  • mix selective audio streams with video feeds,
  • control camera movement and assign camera presets through a joystick controller,
  • monitor video feeds and video data capture on computers,
  • monitor video feeds from the monitors on the rack,
  • minor video editing with EyeTV software,
  • extensive video editing with Final Cut Pro,
  • route a mixed audio stream from several microphones to any computer capturing video,
  • and capture live video/audio from all cameras at the same time.

Coming Soon: record either SD or HD from the HD cameras.

Click on each room on the map below to explore its features for researchers.PERD Lab

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