SCALE-UP classrooms of various sizes have been created across the country. A few are shown below. All share certain features:

tables to facilitate group interactions (usually round, 6' or 7' in diameter)

white boards around the room and/or for each group

teacher station near the center of the room

networked laptop computers


NC State

Phase I--lecture hall for 77 (no longer used for SCALE-UP)

Phase II--54 students

Phase III-99 students

Bob Beichner (Physics)

Maria Oliver-Hoyo (Chemistry)

Andy Hale (Engineering)

Hugh Devine (Geographic Information Systems)



Seats 117

Overhead layout

Graphic from activity

TEAL-Technoloy Enhanced Active Learining

John Belcher (Physics)

University of Minnesota


Jeremy Todd (Classroom Planner)

Robin Wright (Biology)

Info webpage


Minnesota1 Minnesota2 Minnesota3

University of Pittsburgh


Adam Leibovich (Physics)

Pitt1 Pitt3 Pitt4

American University


Macintosh network




Teresa Hein

. .

University of Central Florida


Classroom for 80 in modular building

Macintosh network

Jeff Bindell (Physics)

Coastal Carolina University



Teresa Burns

Western Kentucky University

(before and after)



Scott Bonham


University of New Hampshire


Note "keyhole" table shape. Newer rooms will have round tables.

Dawn Meredith (Physics/Calculus)







Vern Lindberg (Physics)


Southeastern Louisiana Univ.






Rhett Allain



. .

University of Alabama




Note "X" and "T" table shapes

Stan Jones

. .

Clemson University

Bill Moss (Calculus)

Lisa Benson (General Engineering)

Sherrill Biggers (Mechanical Engineering)

Matthew Ohland (Purdue Engineering Educatin)

Scott Schiff (Civil Engineering)

Visit engineering website

. .

University of Puerto Rico


Gladys Nazario and Patricia Burrowes (Biology)

. .

Ort Braude College, Israel

Classes in progress

David Pundak


Penn State-Behrend

Classes in progress

Jonathan Hall, Bill Baxter (Physics)


2nd photo by Bill Owen from Aug 1, 2007 Chronicle of Higher Education


Florida State

Physics of sound, Information studies classes in progress

Paul Cottle

Florida State 1 Florida State 2 Florida State 3

Wake Technical Community College

Classes in progress

Denise Wetli

No photo available    

Raleigh Charter High School

Room under construction

Kenny Felder

No photo available  



University of Colorado

Bill Wood (Biology)