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In the classroom. In the lab. In the workforce. In every corner of North Carolina, NC State University is shaping the future through practical instruction, influential research, and alumni and extension networks that move the state forward. NC State is a leader, producing job-ready graduates who contribute to the state, nation and world.

The Memorial Belltower has been an NC State
symbol for more than 70 years.

NC State Top 10 Best Value.
US News & World Report,
The Princeton Review

High quality, low cost. NC State gives full value to its 34,000 students and their families, offering excellent instruction in a wide range of academic fields.

A quality, affordable education is a few clicks away. Learn more about how to apply to NC State.

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NC State is a leader in preparing
students for the workforce.

NC State GRADS RANK top 20 most desired by job recruiters.
The wall street journal

When NC State graduates complete their degrees, they're ready for the workforce. Job recruiters know it. In a 2010 survey, they rated NC State 19th in the nation in producing well-prepared job candidates.

NC State has a wealth of resources to help students choose and launch their careers. Learn more about how the
university puts students on the right path.

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NC State has what businesses need, from job- and internship-ready students to technology and faculty expertise. Learn more about how to partner with NC State.

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Students and faculty at the NC State
College of Veterinary Medicine treat and
diagnose more than 20,000 animals annually.

NC State's Vet Med is 3rd
In the Nation.

ITS engineering program is
4th largest in the country.

NC State is a national leader in educating future veterinarians and veterinary scientists, and NC State veterinary research is advancing our understanding of animal and human health.

NC State is teaching the engineers of tomorrow to think big and turn their ideas into reality. Every year, more than 8,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate engineering programs. NC State is a national leader in graduating women and minority engineers.

Engineering and veterinary medicine aren't the only fields where NC State is a leader. Learn about nationally ranked programs in textiles, statistics, economics and many more.

The Academics

A world-class university depends on world-class faculty and staff. Learn about the scholars and staff who keep
NC State competitive.

The Faculty & Staff

NC State and its graduates are helping
North Carolina grow, from its
rural towns to its major cities.

NC State and its alumni provide $7.3 Billion in economic impact for North Carolina.

The Wolfpack is at work in North Carolina. NC State extension, engagement and economic development programs bring expertise to all 100 counties. They also generate $1.7 billion annually for the state.

NC State graduates are helping to drive the state's economy, too. Alumni living in North Carolina earn $5.6 billion annually.

NC State research has resulted in more than 80 startup companies, bringing venture capital and jobs to
North Carolina.

Research, Innovation &
Economic Development

There are more than 170,000 living NC State alumni. Join them in supporting the university and its academic programs.

The Alumni Association

NC State is a leader in academics, value,
job preparation and economic development.

Go Wolfpack

From jobs to research, NC State is helping North Carolina solve local problems and take advantage of global opportunities. Our students, faculty, staff and alumni are the foundation of a brighter future.

Looking for more information about NC State? At the university home page, find everything from architecture to zoology.


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NC State brings value and world-class education to students, job-ready graduates to the workforce, and a huge boost to the North Carolina economy.