NC State University engineers solutions, cultivates knowledge, advances research, produces leaders, invigorates the economy and creates a better, more connected world. For 125 years our people, our place and our work have transformed lives in North Carolina, throughout the nation and across the globe.

Our work creates impact. From the economy to the environment, we’re transforming the world every day.

NC State Transforms Research

From cloths that protect firefighters against 1,000-degree heat to bandages that heal wounds as they shield them, our research yields real, practical results that make our world better. NC State research is work that matters.

Our Textile Protection and Comfort Center tests the turnout gear that keeps firefighters cool when the flames grow higher.

NC State Transforms Lives

Whether it’s turning veterinary breakthroughs into human therapies or developing promising students into productive leaders, NC State is transforming lives. Our faculty teaches tomorrow’s soldiers the cultural skills to thrive in modern deployments, and our students feed the hungry at home and abroad. That’s our work: life preserved, life enriched, life transformed.

In our Human Physiology of Wearable Robotics lab, researchers are changing our understanding of human motion.

NC State Transforms Economies

Our engagement, extension, economic development and alumni networks generate $7.3 billion annually for North Carolina’s economy. Our entrepreneurship and research have produced more than 90 startups employing 3,000 people and more than 200 new consumer products.

Our nanotechnology research crosses academic lines, resulting in new materials and new markets that move the economy forward.

NC State Transforms Environments

NC State’s research generates more efficient, more innovative, more renewable solutions to some of the world’s greatest energy challenges. We’ve also been named one of the nation’s most environmentally responsible universities.

Building 10 electric car charging stations on campus is just one way we’ve made NC State a more sustainable place.

Our Job - Transformation

Our work creates impact in the places where it matters most: in the classroom, in the lab, in the workforce, across North Carolina and around the world. Our innovative research and practical instruction are shaping the future. Join us.

Help us build on a 125-year tradition of transformation. Support the people, place and work of NC State.