For Authors

Submission Guidelines

Editorial A Contracorriente accepts manuscripts pertaining—but not restricted—to the following topics:

  • Latin American Cultural Studies
  • Latin American History
  • Latin American Literary Criticism
  • Latin American Politics
  • Latin American Studies in general

Please limit your proposal to a maximum of fifteen (15) pages, and include all of the following:

  1. Aims and Rationale
    1. Summary of the book's argument
    2. Key Themes
    3. Key Features
    4. Approach/strategy
    5. Significance/Uniqueness in the field
    6. Target Readership
  2. Summary of Contents (chapter by chapter)
  3. Send in the introduction and one chapter.
  4. Include author's curriculum vitae

If we like the sound of a proposal we will contact you within three (3) weeks.

Proposals should be typed using a word processor and submitted electronically as a WORD/RTF/PDF document. Please send your proposal by email to Greg Dawes, Editor, ‹gadfll at ncsu dot edu›.