ARTS NC STATE is comprised of NC State University’s six performing and visual arts programs: Center Stage, the Crafts Center, the Dance Program, the Gregg Museum of Art & Design, the Music Department, and University Theatre. ARTS NC STATE is administered by the Student Affairs Division and all NC State students—regardless of college or major—are welcome to participate in ARTS NC STATE’s programs. 


The mission of ARTS NC STATE is to enhance the environment of the University and our community with rich and diverse events, installations, and opportunities and to make the arts a significant part of every student’s educational experience. 



ARTS NC STATE envisions a future where the visual and performing arts are fundamental to the NC State experience. ARTS NC STATE seeks to contribute to the University’s innovative learning environment by engaging students’ creative, intellectual, and social development, and by fostering their roles as leaders of the University, state, and global communities.


In 2000, NC State University’s six visual and performing arts programs joined to form the umbrella organization ARTS NC STATE. The original reason for unifying the arts programs was so that the arts could participate in the University-wide capital campaign without being aligned with a particular college.  Through that capital campaign in 2000-02, ARTS NC STATE raised $8 million to fund its endowment, quadrupling its size.  The University continues to recognize ARTS NC STATE as an organization within the Student Affairs Division with the purpose of providing arts education and resources to all of NC State’s 34,000 students.


Friends of ARTS NC STATE Board of Advisors

Anne Peden


Chair Elect
David Thompson


Student Members
Tucker Beeninga
Gray Maddrey

Johnny Burleson
Fonda Daniels
Mike Davis
Joan DeBruin
JoAnne Dickinson
Ed Funkhouser
Nancy Gregg
Roger Gregg
Molly Held
Eva Holcomb
Donna Kanich
Jane Kanipe
Caroline McCall
Sharon Perry
Bing Sizemore
Hiller Spires
Patricia Tector
Bud Whitmeyer
Helen White
Martha Zaytoun


Jim Clark, Chair, Friends of the Gregg
Alex Miller, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Nicole Peterson, Director of Arts Development
Banks Talley, Vice Chancellor Emeritus