Bowers Medal of Arts

The Bowers Medal of Arts is established to recognize and celebrate the vital role that Henry Bowers has played in the development of and support for the visual and performing arts.


During his tenure as Director of the University Student Center, Bowers committed himself to the goal of making the arts an inseparable part of the university education. He demonstrated that belief through his ceaseless efforts to create opportunities for students to have access to a full range of the arts whether as engaged and enlightened audiences or creative and innovative participants.


As an active participant in arts organizations in the state and region, Bowers has been an untiring advocate for all the arts, seeking to create a climate of cultural excellence that would be supportive of the arts and artists at all levels of endeavor. His uncompromising personal vision and his commitment to artistic excellence has contributed immeasurably to the creation and propagation of the superior arts programs now established at North Carolina State University that not only benefit students, staff, faculty and the larger community served by this land grant institution but also have been recognized nationally as models for other institutions.



Bowers Medal of Arts Recipients


2013 Recipients – The NC State Student Body



2012 Recipients – Dr. Thomas Stafford and Judy Stafford

2012 Bowers Medal Recipients



2011 Recipients – Jerry and Nina Jackson

Jerry and Nina Jackson


2010 Recipients – KD and Sara Lynn Kennedy

KD and SaraLynn Kennedy



2009 Recipients – Richard K. Bryant, Paul J. Michaels and Mimi and Claude E. McKinney (posthumously)

Richard Bryant

Paul Michaels

Mimi and Claude McKinney














2008 Recipients – Diane K. Howard

Diane Howard



2007 Recipients – Martha and Henry Zaytoun and Banks C. Talley, Jr.

2007 Bowers Award



2006 Recipients – The Titmus Foundation

The Titmus Foundation




2005 Recipients – The Masini Family

The Masini Family




2004 Recipients – Randall and Susan Ward

Randall and Susan Ward




2003 Recipient – Nancy Gregg

Nancy Gregg



2002 Recipient – Mary Regan

Mary Regan



2001 Recipient – Betsy Buford

Betsy Buford



2000 Recipient – Henry Bowers

Henry Bowers





Citation: The Bowers Medal of Arts recognizes and celebrates the significant contribution of__________ , to the cultivation and support of all the arts at North Carolina State University.