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Computing in Biomathematics

Computers and computing play a key role in the Biomath program. Computational facilities include the Statistics Instructional Computing Laboratory (SICL) with approximately thirty five Sun workstations organized in a classroom setting with networked printer availability.

SICL is also a part of the campus Athena computing realm which provides network services including electronic mail, Usenet, World Wide Web browsers and an increasingly large library of software. This network is made up of over 1,000 Unix computers and allows the users to log in remotely into any machine and access their own files along with the same suite of software packages.

Personal computers and high-resolution printers are also available. The computers are all connected via ethernet to the campus fiber optic network. Available software packages and languages include SAS, C, Splus, IMSL, Maple, Matlab, Fortran and Pascal, as well as many others. Academic research accounts are available on Cray Y-MP 8E/4128 at the North Carolina Supercomputing Center(NCSC), located in the Research Triangle Park.

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