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Ph.D. Graduates of the Biomath Program (Since 1980)

See also the list of M.S. and MBMA graduates.

  • Michael Robert, August 2013, "Mathematical Models of Genetic Strategies for Controlling the Dengue Vector, Aedes aegypti". (Lloyd & Gould)
  • Venita DePuy, May 2012, "Modeling Transmission Dynamics of Streptococcus pneumoniae in the Presence of Vaccination: Model Development and Cost-Benefit Analysis". (Lloyd)
  • Danielle Robbins, December 2011, "Sensitivity Functions for Delay Differential Equation Models". (Banks)
  • Mikio Aoi, December 2011, "Nonlinear, Noninvasive Assessment of Patient-Specific Cerebral Autoregulation in Stroke Subjects". (Olufsen)
  • Kathleen Holm, December 2011, "Comparison of Optimal Design Methods in Inverse Problems". (Banks)
  • Judith Canner, August 2010, "The Population Ecology of Ant-dispersed Plants in Space and Time". (Gross & Dunn)
  • Althea Smith, August 2010, "Survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Acidified Foods: A Predictive Modeling Approach". (Smith & Breidt)
  • Daniela Valdez-Jasso, August 2010, "Modeling and Identification of Vascular Biomechanical Properties in Large Arteries". (Olufsen & Haider)
  • Mamiko Arai, July 2010, "Investigation of Different Input Noise Types in Linear and Nonlinear Stochastic Neural Model". (Smith)
  • Matthew Krachey, December 2009, "Hierarchical Bayesian Application to Instantaneous Rates Tag-return Models". [co-major: Zoology and Biomathematics] (Pollock)
  • Sarah Olson, August 2008, "Mathematical models for analysis of tissue regeneration in articular cartilage". (Haider)
  • Jun Yoshizaki, August 2007, "Use of Natural Tags in Closed Population Capture-Recapture Studies: Modeling Misidentification". (Pollock)
  • Andrew Fernandes, December 2006, "Quantifying Phylogenetic Conservation in Protein Molecular Evolution". (Atchley)
  • Xiaohai Wan, August 2006, "Numerical Simulation Methods for Biological Tissue Interactions". (Lubkin)
  • Jiang Honghua, August 2005, "Age dependent tag return models for estimating fishing mortality, natural mortality and selectivity". (Pollock)
  • Zhi Wang, August 2005, "Spectral analyses of biological sequences". (Smith and Atchley)
  • Michael Goedecke, 2004, "Stochastic modeling of the behavior of dynein". (Elston and Lubkin)
  • Matthew Alldredge, August 2004, "Avian point count surveys: Estimating components of the detection process". (Pollock)
  • Jason Pirone, August 2004, "Stochastic modeling of transcription factor binding fluctuations". (Elston, Smith, Smart)
  • Elizabeth Scholl, May 2004, "Molecular evolution and horizontal gene transfer in Meloidogyne spp." (Thorne & Bird)
  • Denis Thompson, December 2003, "Finding homologous genes with primers designed using evolutionary models" (Schaffer)
  • Richard Morris, August 2003, "Likelihood ratio tests for association with multiple disease susceptibility alleles, genotyping errors, or missing parental data". (Thorne)
  • Dan Dougherty, August 2002, "Deterministic and Semi-mechanistic Approaches in Predictive Fermentation Microbiology". (Lubkin)
  • Wenli Tao, August 2002, "Testing Patterns of Nucleotide Substitution Rates at Multiple Genes". (Muse & Weir)
  • Elizabeth Nicole Brooks, May 2001, "Dynamics and Management of Sub-divided Populations". (Pollock)
  • Mi-Jeom Joe, May 2001, "Stage-structured Tag-Return and Capture-Recapture Models". (Pollock)
  • Amy Collins Licata, May 2001, "Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Models for Gasoline Oxygenates: Implementing Statistical and Mathematical Analyses ". (Smith)
  • Shannon Darlene Peak, May 2001, "Development of a Bioenergetic Growth Model to Determine the Effect of Feed Allocation Program on Male Broiler Breeder Growth and Performance ". (Johnson & Brake)
  • Kyle William Shertzer, 2001, "State-dependent Life History Evolution and Predator-Prey Population Dynamics". (Pollock & Ellner)
  • Garrick Tyson Skalski, 2001, "Adaptive Behaviour and Interference in the Functional Response of Predator to Prey". (Gilliam)
  • Tao Wang. 2001, "Modeling and Inferring Quantitative Trait Loci Using Linkage Disequilibrium in Natural Populations". (Zeng & Weir)
  • Lindsay Grey Cowell, Dec. 2000, "Analysis of Somatic Hypermutation and Other Diversification Mechanisms of the Immune System". (Kepler)
  • John Robert Fieberg, Dec. 2000, "Conservation Biology: Theoretical Considerations and Practical applications". (Ellner)
  • Robert James Latour, 2000, "Population Modeling of Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) in South Carolina Waters". (Pollock)
  • Paul David Schliekelman, 2000, "Assessing New Methods for Autocidal Control". Asst. Prof. at University of Georgia. (Ellner & Gould)
  • Dmitri V. Zaykin, 1999, "Statistical Analysis of Genetic Associations". (Weir & Thorne)
  • Deborah Ann Keys, May 1999, "A Biologically-based model of phthalate ester tissue disposition in rats: Development and application to risk assessment for human male reproductive toxicity." (Kepler)
  • Michael David Radmacher, Dec. 1998,"Mutation and Selection in the Germinal Center Reaction: Mathematical and Statistical Analysis." (Kepler)
  • Michael Robert Easterling, May 1998, "The Integral Projection Model: Theory, Analysis, and Application". (Ellner)
  • Russell Alpizar-Jara, 1997, "Assessing assumption violations in line transect and estimation of animal abundance using a combination of capture-recapture methods and line transect sampling." (Pollock)
  • Cynthia Jan Arose Coffman, 1997, "The effects of corridor-linked patches on metapopulation dynamics: A field experiment with Microtus pennsylvanicus." (Pollock)
  • Mark Ronald Lovern, 1997, "Determination and modelling of benzene metabolism by mouse, rat and human microsomes" (Kepler, Schlosser)
  • Steve Lee Peck, 1997, "Spatial aspects of the evolution of pesticide resistance: models and recomendations" (Ellner & Gould)
  • Georgiy Vladimorov Bobashev, 1997, "Endogeneous and exogeneous factors in the dynamics of childhood infectious diseases". (Ellner)
  • Lori Ann Mixson, 1997, "The generation of diversity in Chondrichthyan immunoglobulin variable region genes" (Kepler)
  • Barbara Ann Bailey, 1996, "Asymptotics and Applications of Local Lyapunov Exponents". (Ellner & Nychka)
  • Kuenhi Tsai, 1996, "Survival analysis for Telemetry Data in Animal Studies". (Brownie & Pollock)
  • Jack Martin Weiss, 1996, "The Cubic Ternary Complex Model: A Heuristic for Classifying Equilibrium Pharmacological Models and for Understand Efficacy and Apparent Affinity in These Models". (Ellner)
  • Chiu-Lan Chen, 1995, "Advances in Change-in-Ratio Method on the Estimation of Population". (Pollock)
  • George Richard Hess, 1994, "Disease in Metapopulation Models; Implications for Conservation". (Ellner)
  • William Robert Gould, 1994, "New Developments in Catch-Effort Estimation of Important Demographic Population Parameters". (Pollock)
  • Wayne Leslie Cornelius, 1993, "An Avian Nest Survival Modeling Scheme and Comparisons of Nest Survival Probability Estimation Methods". (Brownie & Pollock)
  • David Alan Kramer, 1993, "Estimating the Probability of Southern Pine Beetle Outbreaks via Bayesian-Updated Probabilistic Cellular Automata". (Gold, Haines)
  • Jose Pastrana-Zuniga, 1993, "A Model for the Heat Transfer Processes That Occur During Canning, Electrical Resistance and Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Aseptic Processing, of Food Products with Large Particles". (Gold)
  • James Arthur Bentley, 1992, "Quantum Chemical Investigation of the Torsional Potential in Neutral Organic Phosphite and Phosphate Esters". ( van der Vaart)
  • William Louis Kendall, 1992, "Robust Design in Capture-Recapture Sampling: Modelling Approaches and Estimation Methods". (Pollock)
  • Yanan Yu, 1990. Mathematics Department, Alabama State University. "A Leslie Model, Threshold Function and Uncertainty for Chemical Control of Corn Earworm". (Gold)
  • Mark Udevitz, 1990, "Change-in-Ratio Methods for Estimating the Size of Closed Populations". (Pollock & Brownie)
  • Bruce Schaalje, 1988, "Models for Stage Structured Insect Populations Affected by Pesticides with Applications to Pesticide Efficacy Trials". (van der Vaart & Stinner)
  • June Lim, 1987, "A Dynamic Growth Model of Vegetative Soybean Plant under Variation of Root Temperature and Nitrogen Concentration in Nutrient Solution". (Gold & Wilkerson)
  • Stephen Cecil Ewing, 1987, "Application of the Lotka-Volterra Dynamical Equations to Natural Populations". (Ridgeway)
  • Ping-Chu Chu, 1987, "Modeling Water Balance in Larval Mexican Bean Beetles, Epilachna varivestis Mulsant". (Stinner)
  • Ted Roy Clem, 1986, "On the Statistical-Mechanical Representation of a Quasi-Static Process". (Ridgeway)
  • Luther Smith, 1985, "The Effects of Acid Deposition on Freshwater Algae and Cyanobacteria: A Simulation Analysis for Falls Lake, N.C. Using the CE-QUAL-R1 Model". (M. Wann)
  • Marjo V. Smith, 1983, "Stochastic Differential Equations from a Modeling Point of View - with Special Emphasis of Biological Applications". (Gold)
  • Johann Heinrich Lieth, 1982, "Light Interception, Growth Dynamics, and Dry Matter Partitioning in a Phytotron-Grown Snap Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Crop: A Modeling Analysis with Reference to Air Pollution Effects". (Reynolds, van der Vaart)
  • Lothar Dohse, 1982, "A Discrete Model Simulating the Interfield Movement of a Multihost Phytophagous Beetle". (van der Vaart)
  • Ronald John Czochor, 1982, "A Theoretical Analysis of Plant Host-Pathogen Interactions in a Gene-For-Gene System". (van der Vaart)
  • Allen Tang, 1981, "Verbal and Nonverbal Aspects of Machine Perception and Knowledge Representation in Artificial Intelligence". (Gold)
  • James Eilbert, 1981, "A Hierarchical Model of Visual Perception". (Gold)
  • Bill Mawby, 1980, "Development of an Upper Echelon Submodel for the Southern Pine Beetle Hierarchy". (Gold)
  • Golde Holtzman, 1980, "Modeling and Statistical Analysis of a Laboratory Experiment to Measure Cannibalism in Heliothis virescens". (van der Vaart)

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