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May 2014


August 2013

Sound Board Vibration Pinus


TOF-SIMS image

TMP fibers, pine

Bordered Pits

Bambusa cross-section

Copper-plated wood

Ancient wood

Forest litter: leaves, pine needles



Stained fiber sheath

Cover Vol 5 Issue 2, Lake Johnson

Coastal Scene, BioResources Vol. 5, Issue 1

Cover 4_4: wasp paper

BioRes 4(3) Electrospun

Cover 4 issue 2 Vuokatti, Finland view

Black gum

Cover 3 4

BioRes 3 3 white pine theme

Kraft fibers seen with polarized light


Sap on cut douglas fir

Oil Palm Cover

Cover May 2007

Cover, Volume 2, Issue 1

Cover of issue 2, vol. 1

Cover, Vol. 1, Issue 1


Conference Collections
of Articles Published in BioResources Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal

BioResources has periodically joined forces with organizers of international scholarly conferences to provide a venue for peer review and publication of articles, earlier versions of which have appeared in conference preprints and presentations. Such articles undergo the same rigorous peer review process as articles that are independently submitted to the journal. The reason that page numbers are not consecutive, within each collection of articles, is that BioResources publishes individual articles as soon as they are accepted, not waiting until a conference collection is complete.

Italic4 Conference, Rome, 2007

CIADICYP 2006, Santiago, Chile

Italic4 Conference:

"Science & Technology of Biomass: Advances and Challenges"

May 8-10, 2007

Rome, Italy


Scene of Colosseum, Rome

Select the cover image to download copy of entire collection. The following articles were peer reviewed and accepted for publication in BioResources after appearing in the Italic4 conference:

Vol. (issue), Year
Full article
2(4) 2007
Bianchini, R., Catelani, G., Frino, E., Isaad, J., and Rolla, M. (2007). "Lactose to naturalize textile dyes," BioRes. 2(4), 630-637.  
2(4) 2007
Dobele, G., Urbanovich, I., Volpert, A., Kampars, V. and Samulis, E. (2007). "Fast pyrolysis - Effect of wood drying on the yield and properties of bio-oil," BioRes. 2(4), 699-706.  
3(1) 2008
Zoia, L., Canevali, C., Orlandi, M., Tolppa, E.-L., Sipila, J., and Morazzoni, F., "Radical formation on TMP fibers and related lignin chemical changes," BioRes. 3(1), 21-33.  
3(1) 2008
Hromádková, Z., Malovíková, A., Mozeš, Š., Sroková, I., and Ebringerová, A. (2008). "Hydrophobically modified pectates as novel functional polymers in food and non-food applications," BioRes. 3(1), 71-78.  
3(1) 2008
Montoneri, E., Boffa, V., Quagliotto, P., Mendichi, R., Chierotti, M. R., Gobetto, R., and Medana, C. (2008). "Humic acid-like matter isolated from green urban wastes. Part 1. Structure and surfactant properties," BioRes. 3(1), 123-141.  
3(4) 2008
Barbosa, E. S., Perrone, D., Amaral Vendramini, A. L., and Ferriera Leite, S. G. (2008). "Vanillin production by Phanerochaete chrysosporium grown on green coconut agro-industrial husk in solid state fermentation," BioRes. 3(4), 1042-1050.  

Papers from CIADICYP 2006, Santiago, Chile

Vol. (issue), Year
Full article

2(2) 2007

Colodette, J. L., Gomide, J. L., Júnior, D. L., and Pedrazzi, C. (2007). "Effect of pulp delignification degree on fiber line performance and bleaching effluent load," BioRes. 2(2), 223-234.  
2(2) 2007
Felissia, F. E., Area, M. C., Barboza, O. M., and Bengoechea, D. I. (2007). "Anti-scaling agents in kraft pulping," BioRes. 2(2), 252-264.  
2(3) 2007
Mocchiutti, P., and Zanuttini, M. A. (2007). "Key considerations in the determination of polyelectrolyte concentration by the colloidal titration method," BioRes. 2(3), 399-407.  


The editors wish to express our appreciation for your interest and support of BioResources, a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the science of lignocellulosic materials, chemicals, and their applications, which is available on line, and also availalable to selected institutional libraries as a printed edition.