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Our peer-reviewed sister journal: Lignocellulose (no author payment)

Past conference: NWBC 2017

Cover images:









May 2014


August 2013

Sound Board Vibration Pinus


TOF-SIMS image

TMP fibers, pine

Bordered Pits

Bambusa cross-section

Copper-plated wood

Ancient wood

Forest litter: leaves, pine needles



Stained fiber sheath

Cover Vol 5 Issue 2, Lake Johnson

Coastal Scene, BioResources Vol. 5, Issue 1

Cover 4_4: wasp paper

BioRes 4(3) Electrospun

Cover 4 issue 2 Vuokatti, Finland view

Black gum

Cover 3 4

BioRes 3 3 white pine theme

Kraft fibers seen with polarized light


Sap on cut douglas fir

Oil Palm Cover

Cover May 2007

Cover, Volume 2, Issue 1

Cover of issue 2, vol. 1

Cover, Vol. 1, Issue 1


Print Edition
for BioResources Online Journal

South China University of Technology (SCUT), located in Guangzhou, is partnering with North Carolina State University in order to make a print edition of BioResources available to selected libraries and institutions.

Here is an image of the May 2007 cover of the Print Edition.

The print edition will have the same content as the online edition. However, it will be bound in an attractive paper cover, as is fitting for a scholarly journal.The initial plan is that issues will be prepared on a quarterly basis, following the same cycle as the online edition.

May 2007 cover

If you wish to nominate a recipient of print copies of BioResources, please fill in the following information. Nominations will be reviewed, and decisions will be made on the following basis: (1) we know the requesting organization and have or will to have academic exchanges with them; (2) the recipient is pleased to accept the print edition for intensive or portable reading, or for a library collection; (3); the requester understands that the print edition is not commercial, and it is being supplied as a gift. Our goal is that the print edition may promote and encourage more people to read articles of BioResources online.

To nominate a recipient of the print edition (usually a library in a university or corporation that is involved in the study of lignocellulosic materials, chemicals, or applications thereof) please enter the following information into the body of an email message, using this link.

Contact name (Mr/Mrs/Dr Given_name Family_name):

Contact e-mail and phone:

Your institution (e.g. Department, University):

Library administrator:

Administrator's e-mail and phone:

Mailing address (suitable for packages):



Postal Code:

Statement related to likely number of readers, their research interests, number of library patrons, etc.:

Again, please send the information, requested above, to the following link in order to nominate a recipient (a library, etc.) for the print edition: email message, using this link

Frequently Asked Questions about Print Edition

Q: Why is there no subscription fee, at least not initially?

A: The purpose is to promote greater awareness, readership, and submissions of article to BioResources, allowing the journal to grow and serve the public.

Q: Will a subscription fee be applied later?

A: Though there are no specific plans, the editors envision that a fee may be charged if and when costs associated with printing, handling, and mailing rise beyond the funds presently available for these purposes. The exceptation, as of April 2007, is that free promotional distribution should continue for about two years or longer.

Q: Is there a way that an individual can subscribe?

A: Individuals are ordinarily encouraged to use the Internet to download free PDF copies of every article published in BioResources.

Q: Is there a way that I or my institution can send a gift of funds to BioResources in appreciation for receipt of either the print edition or the online edition?

A: Yes, such gifts should be designated for a fund that will help support the proofreading and management of communications with authors and reviewers. Please contact the co-editors.

The editors wish to express our appreciation for your interest and support of BioResources, a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the science of lignocellulosic materials, chemicals, and their applications, which is available on line, and also availalable to selected institutional libraries as a printed edition.

Cover image 2 2 Cover 2 3
Cover 2 4 Cover 3 2

Cover 3 3