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Almost Famous

by David Hunt

Ever feel like bursting into song at work? The guys in the technology group at the Friday Institute did and now they're virtually world famous. Techies Lodge McCammon, Brian Bouterse, and Sammie Carter wrote and produced a music video that won the grand prize in the VMware video contest in September.

Take a minute to check out the catchy video here.

Go ahead and crank it up. It is work-related, after all.

Our heroes' video earned them celebrity status at VMworld, the giant trade show in San Francisco, where they hung out with Smash Mouth, rubbed elbows with VMware CEO Diane Green and generally walked around in a daze.

"People were really excited to meet us," says Bouterse.

"It was fun walking down the street in San Francisco and having people point at us," adds Carter.

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10-second Spotlight

Welcome to the New Bulletin

Welcome to the New Bulletin

We're pleased to bring you the newly redesigned Bulletin, the newsletter for faculty and staff members at North Carolina State University. Every week we'll reach you by e-mail with news and features about the people, programs and innovations that make NC State a great community. We'd like to hear from you about the news and events that are happening in your part of the NC State universe. Feel free to reach us by phone at (919) 515-5863 or email us at
Blog Like a Pro

Blog Like a Pro

Tired of feeling like a techno-nobody when your 6-year-old niece starts talking about her blog? Thanks to NC State, those days are over.
News from the staff senate forum

Forum Hits the High Notes

The Hillsborough Street redesign and campus safety measures topped the list of topics at the Staff Senate Forum. You missed the event? Don't panic, just follow the link.
Emergency system

Emergency System Enhanced

NC State will install an early warning system capable of siren and voice alerts across the campus and begin collecting cell phone numbers for the purpose of alerting the campus by text message.
Flu shots

Flu Shots Available in November

This is your last chance to protect yourself during flu season. Come on, it doesn't hurt that much (if you don't look at the needle).
Faculty and Staff Notes

Faculty and Staff Notes

Who's mentoring 1,000 students? What are we doing in Lumberton? Who's a big name in veterinary dermatology? And what the heck is sock monkey madness? We report, you decide.
Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Accomplishments, news briefs and assorted important stuff going on at NC State. This week it's all about NBAF, 4-H and the College of Management.