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300 Reasons to Get Fit Leads to Fitness Makeover

Ellen Klingler
Ellen Klingler, director of special events in the chancellor's office, is the winner of the Bulletin's fitness makeover contest.

Last month, we asked Bulletin readers if they needed a personal trainer to help them tighten, tone and strengthen their bodies. Then we gave them a chance to win a free, 12-week personal training package from Campus Recreation that included fitness assessments, one-on-one training sessions, and health and fitness advice from certified trainers. We asked readers to send us essays explaining why they should be chosen, and after poring over the many deserving entries, we've selected Ellen Klingler as our lucky winner.

Like many of our readers, Ellen is a wife and a mother, who strives to strike a balance between work and home life. Her busy schedule as director of special events in the chancellor's office often means working outside normal business hours, so finding time to get to the gym is a challenge. Also, many of the events she coordinates and attends include many tempting foods.

After Ellen and her husband committed to a living a healthier lifestyle last fall, she's dropped close to 40 pounds, but she feels like she's hit a plateau. She hopes that working with a personal trainer will give her the tools, motivation and know-how to help her continue her weight loss and healthier lifestyle. In her essay, Ellen wrote:

Ten months ago, I would have never guessed that today I'd be the card-carrying member of two fitness centers! Nor would I have dreamed that I could stick to a healthier lifestyle, but I have! And, although I've lost nearly 40 pounds that I'm extremely proud of (I'm hoping muscle really does weigh more than fat!), I have 100 more pounds to lose. The difference this diet go-around: I'm committed to changing my lifestyle for a lifetime. Weight is something I've struggled with since I was a little girl. I don't expect to be "skinny." What I need is to be healthy.

So what about those two fitness centers you ask? One is near my house so I can exercise on the weekends. To save gas, I joined Carmichael Gym for my weekday workouts. Why am I submitting an essay to win this contest? Three hundred words just aren't enough, so I've listed my top 300 reasons that I hope will illustrate for you how much this opportunity would mean to me.

  • 100 pounds to lose;
  • 37 pounds that I've already lost;
  • 9 months of hard work, yet not knowing how to build on it;
  • 12 weeks of invaluable professional assistance to teach me how to put the pieces of this puzzle together;
  • 36 years I've lived without really exercising;
  • 60 more years I hope to live in good health;
  • 1 family with a history of weight-related illnesses;
  • at least 42 work-related events I attend each year that have buffets FULL of tempting food (that's almost one a week, and doesn't include everyday temptations!);
  • 2 beautiful little girls for whom I need to set a good, healthy example (and keep-up with);
  • and 1 life to live to its FULLEST!

So with her 300 reasons outlined, we'll be following Ellen on her journey over the next 12 weeks. The Bulletin will check in with her and her trainer periodically as she engages in fitness assessments and workout plans. Good luck, Ellen.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Unfortunately, we could only have one winner, but if you're interested in personal training, fitness assessments, massage therapy or other services offered through Campus Recreation, visit their Web site.