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A Bendable, Stretchable, Shape-Shifting Antenna
Popular Science,  Dec. 1, 2009
“Using a novel manufacturing process, a group of NC State researchers have created shape-shifting antennas that can be bent, cut, twisted and even stretched, and will return to their original shape.” Dr. Michael Dickey, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, featured.

Researchers Create Shape-Shifting Antennas
Wired,  Dec. 1, 2009
“Smartphones or GPS navigators that can be rolled up and stuffed into the back pocket of your Diesel jeans are inching closer to reality.” Dr. Michael Dickey, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, featured.

New Mobile Site Makes Coffee Breaks More Efficient
Chronicle of Higher Education,  Dec. 1, 2009
“In its latest victory over inefficiency, mobile technology is making coffee breaks quicker for some students at North Carolina State University.” NCSU Libraries’ Mobile Web site featured.

In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap
New York Times, Dec. 1, 2009
"A recent study published in the academic journal Social Problems found that white males receive substantially more job leads for high-level supervisory positions than women and members of minorities." Research from Dr. Steve McDonald, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology, featured.

Bendy Antennae Could Reshape Electronics
MSNBC, Nov. 30, 2009
“Tiny antennae that can bend, twist and stretch, before snapping back to their original shapes, could some day find themselves in flexible electronics and equipment that needs to be rolled up before deployment.” Dr. Michael Dickey, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, featured.

Outsourcing Innovation
Wall Street Journal, Nov. 30, 2009
“When should companies try to come up with new ideas themselves—and when should they give the job to outside experts?” Dr. Michael Stanko, assistant professor of marketing, and Dr. Jonathan Bohlmann, associate professor of marketing, featured.

Your Pet Wants This
Animal Planet, Nov. 28, 2009
NC State's osseointegrated prosthetic limb procedure featured. 

Videogames Find Ways to Help Real CSI Solve Crimes
New York Times, Nov. 27, 2009
“The problem is that while there have been major advancements in the field of forensic science technology, how investigative teams come together to collaborate has not changed over the years,” said Dr. Mitzi Montoya, Zelnak Professor of Marketing and Innovation Management, featured.

5 Myth-Busting Facts for a Safe Turkey
Yahoo! News, Nov. 25, 2009
“It’s a complicated meal. You’re cooking with something you might only cook once or twice a year. And you’re cooking for a large group. As a meal, it’s one of the ones that’s harder to manage.” Dr. Ben Chapman, assistant professor of food science, featured.

In the Age of Twitter, the Short Story Thrives
News & Observer, Nov. 22, 2009
“The idea is that people are online constantly looking for content.” John Kessel, professor of English, featured.

Tune In, Start Up, Drop Out
New York Times, Nov. 19, 2009
“Their company, which competed under the name AcceptEdge at North Carolina State’s eGames and Duke University’s Startup competitions last year, today announced a $1 million series-A investment round from New Enterprise Associates, one of the largest venture funds in Silicon Valley.” Jason Mueller, NC State student entrepreneur, featured.

Scientist’s Dino Findings Making Waves
CBS News, Nov. 12, 2009
“What Schweitzer discovered inside B. Rex’s bones may have changed paleontology forever.” Dr. Mary Schweitzer, associate professor of marine, earth and atmospheric sciences, featured.

How To Catch a Fraud
Forbes, Nov. 11, 2009
“Research shows that when measurements of a company’s nonfinancial performance, such as number of employees, amount of warehouse space and number of sales outlets, diverges from a company’s financial performance, books could be getting cooked.” Dr. Joe Brazel, assistant professor of accounting, featured.

News Analysis: Conversion of Adjuncts to the Tenure Track Is More Easily Discussed Than Done
Chronicle of Higher Education, Nov. 8, 2009
“I think a change like this, some institutions will nibble around the edges of it.” Dr. Paul D. Umbach, associate professor of higher education, featured.