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Welcome to the Virtual Home for the NCSU Cognitive Science Program!

Cognitive Science is an exciting area of interdisciplinary research that seeks to understand what is arguably the final mystery within the universe -- the nature and evolution of mind. Cognitive Science programs are typically represented by a broad range of faculty who specialize in areas like Psychology and Neuroscience, Linguistics and Psycholinguistics, Computer Science and Robotics, as well as Logic and the Philosophy of Mind. Accordingly, North Carolina State University has its own Cognitive Science Program supported by a strong faculty drawn from the fields of Psychology, Neurobiology, Computer Science, Linguistics, and Philosophy. See also the interview with Dr. Ronald Endicott, Program Director for Cognitive Science, published in the Technician (2007).

*Of Special Note*

Graduate Degree: In addtion to the undergraduate Minor, the Cognitive Science Program offers a Graduate Minor in Cognitive Science. This is a significant benefit for graduate students, since the broad range of required multidisciplinary coursework and the resulting designation of a Graduate Minor will give students who participate a decided advantage in the very competitive marketplaces of academia and research.

Academic Initiative: The Cognitive Science Program is part of the Logic and Cognitive Science Initiative, established by the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies. The primary aim of this Initiative is to promote the development of the following areas at North Carolina State University: formal logic, fields of cognitive philosophy closely related to logic, and the scientific disciplines of cognitive science.

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