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The Cognitive Science Program offers a minor in Cognitive Science for both undergraduate and graduate degrees at North Carolina State University.

Undergraduate Minor in Cognitive Science

Undergraduate students who minor in Cognitive Science must complete 15 hours of courses with a grade of C or better, where at least three of the five participating disciplines are represented -- Psychology, Neurobiology, Computer Science, Linguistics, and Philosophy (including Logic). The credit hours must be distributed as follows:

Two of three advanced core courses (6 hrs) among:

Three additional courses (9 hrs) among:

The Minor Adviser will determine whether courses transferred from other institutions qualify for the minor. No more than two transferred courses may count toward the minor. Note also that no more than two courses may be "double-counted" toward both the minor and the departmental requirements of a major.


  1. As soon as you are ready to declare the minor, you should complete and sign the NC State “Declare a Minor” form (available here) and bring it to the Department’s Student Services Assistant, Ms. Stephanie Wilson, in Withers Hall, Room 340.
  2. Ms. Wilson will obtain the required departmental signatures and submit the form to Registration and Records on your behalf so that a minor degree audit can be added to your record.
  3. You should consult with the Minor Adviser, Dr. Catherine Driscoll, during each registration period to ensure that you are making headway toward completing the requirements of the minor.



Graduate Minor in Cognitive Science

Graduate students who minor in Cognitive Science must complete a minimum of 9 hours of courses (or more as determined by the student’s committee), with a grade of B or better, distributed as follows:

One core course (3 hrs):

Two additional courses (6 hrs) outside the degree-granting program from the following:

Any student who has previously completed the equivalent of the above core course for credit toward another degree (e.g., PHI/PSY 425 as an undergraduate) is required to complete an additional course (3 hours) from the above list.

Up to three credits of equivalent graduate course work may be accepted in the place of one course on the list above, subject to the approval of the Director for the Cognitive Science Program.


Graduate students who wish to minor in Cognitive Science must declare the minor in their graduate Plan of Work, which they develop with their graduate advisory committee. This committee must include a representative of the minor, and the student must send a copy of his or her Plan of Work to the Director of the Cognitive Science Program.


  • Director of the Cognitive Science Program and Graduate Minor Adviser: Dr. Ronald P. Endicott, Withers Hall 455, 919-515-6195,
  • Student Services Assistant: Ms. Stephanie Wilson, Withers 340, 919-515-6100,