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There are no graduate degrees in Philosophy or Religious Studies at NC State. However, the Department administers the Graduate Minor in Cognitive Science and offers a variety of graduate courses in Logic, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. One or more of these courses can be used to enhance many NC State graduate degree programs.

Graduate Courses

LOG 535 Advanced Logic and Metamathematics
LOG 537 Model Theoretic Semantics

PHI 501 Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
PHI 520 Global Justice
PHI 525 Introduction to Cognitive Science
PHI 540 The Scientific Method
PHI 547 Philosophy, Evolution and Human Nature
PHI 575 Ethical Theory
PHI 598 Special Topics in Philosophy
PHI 798 Advanced Topics in Philosophy
PHI 816 Introduction to Research Ethics

Religious Studies
REL 571 Darwinism and Christianity
REL 573 Religion, Gender, and Reproductive Technologies

REL 582 Religion and Conflict