Laser Imaging and Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility

Axioplan-35: Inverted Fluorescent Microscope

Axiovert 35computer control unit of axiovert 35

Model: Zeiss Axiovert 35
Location: 108B Partners III
Methodology and Rate: Microscopy (MIC) -

Current Instrument Status: Operational


Operating Procedures

  • General Axioplan 35 operating procedures
  • Methodology specific operating procedures

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The Axiovert 35 is an inverted stage manual fluorescent microscope, which is equipped with a Nikon DXM-1200 digital camera. It is normally configured with the following objectives: 20X-Ph1; 40X-oil; 63X-oil, and 100X-oil. The following standard filter sets DAPI, FITC, Rhodamine, GFP, AF488 and Reflection are available for use. This instrument is used most often for training, class instruction, routine sample, and fluorescent measurements.


  • Routine sample
  • Fluorescent measurements


  • Standard Objectives
    • 20X visible light 0.30na Ph-1 0-2.0 LD Achrostigmat
    • 40X visible light 1.30na oil DIC 0.17 Plan-Neufluar
    • 63X visible light 1.40na oil 0.17 Plan-Apochromat
    • 100X visible light 1.30na oil DIC 0.17 Plan-Neufluar

Optical Filters

  • DAPI
  • FITC
  • Rhodamine
  • GFP
  • AF488
  • Reflection


  • Nikon DXM-1200

Light Sources

  • White light
  • 75W Xenon arc lamp


  • Polarization
  • DIC