Laser Imaging and Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility

Axiovert 200M: Inverted Confocal Microscope

Axiovert 200Mcomputer control unit of axiovert 200M

Model: Zeiss Axiovert 200M
Location: 108C Partners III
Methodology and Rate: Microscopy (MIC) -

Current Instrument Status: Operational


Operating Procedures

  • General Axiovert 200M operating procedures
  • Methodology specific operating procedures

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The Axiovert 200M is an inverted stage confocal microscope, which is equipped with three PMT’s and a digital camera, Zeiss Axiocam HRm and is fully automated. It is normally configured with the following objectives: 5X; 10X; 20X; 40X-H2O; and 63X- H2O. In addition to the laser scanning confocal capabilities the following standard filter sets DAPI, FITC, Rhodamine are available for use. This instrument is equipped with CO2 incubator for live cell imaging. This instrument is used most often for confocal and fluorescent measurements, both with live cells and fixed samples.


  • Live cell imaging
  • Confocal fluorescent
  • Fluorescent measurements


  • Standard Objectives
    • 5X visible light 0.15na 017 EC Plan-Neufluar
    • 10X visible light 0.30na 0.17 Plan-Neufluar
    • 20X visible light 0.75na 0.17 Plan-Apochromat
    • 40X visible light 1.20na W korr 0.14-0.18 C-Apochromat
    • 63X visible light 1.20na W korr 0.15-0.17 C-Apochromat

Optical Filters

  • DAPI
  • FITC
  • Rhodamine


  • Zeiss Axiocam HRm
  • 3-PMTs

Light Sources

  • White light
  • 75W Xenon arc lamp
  • HeNe 543nm
  • Argon Ion Laser 514, 488, 458nm
  • Diode 405nm


  • Polarization
  • DIC