Laser Imaging and Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility

Laser Imaging & Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility Charges

All the services, assistance, expertise and use of the facility have been provided for free as part of our educational resource. Future plans are to convert this facility to fee for use facility, this process is ongoing and users should check the web site for update.

Users: There are no charges at this time, but the more supplies that a user can provide the better.

Collaborators: There are no charges at this time, but the more supplies that you can provide the better.

Clients: Clients are defined as individuals or corporations desiring specific analysis to be preformed for them, which may or may not be of a confidential nature.

IMPORTANT: This facility is not a certified testing laboratory as our primary mission is educational. Due to NCSU policy we are required to establish a (Testing Services Agreement also known as ‘Analysis & Testing Agreement’)-LINK with each new client prior to any services performed. Please note there maybe an additional charge for processing this paper work.

Clients should contact Dr. Evgeny Danilov (  ) to discuss details about their project, arrange a time line of work expected and the fees evolved. Please plan ahead for rush service is not available for new clients! All information about your research project is treated as confidential.