Laser Imaging and Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility

Diavert Inverted Reflection Microscope

Diavert Inverted Reflection Microscopecomputer control unit of diavert

Model: Leitz Diavert
Location: 108B Partners III
Methodology and Rate: Microscopy (MIC) -

Current Instrument Status: Operational


Operating Procedures

  • General Diavert operating procedures
  • Methodology specific operating procedures

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The Diavert is an inverted stage manual reflectance microscope, which is currently not equipped with a digital camera. The Nikon DXM-1200 digital camera from the Axiovert 35 is transferred to this instrument when need. It is normally configured with the following reflection objectives: 10X; 50X; and 100X all dry. This instrument is used most often for routine reflection measurements.


  • Surface reflection measurements


  • Standard Objectives
    • 10X visible light 0.18na HDR
    • 50X visible light 0.75na HDR
    • 100X visible light 0.90na NPL


  • Nikon DXM-1200

Light Source

  • White light


  • Polarization