Laser Imaging and Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility

IR-1: Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer

IR-1 Fourier Transform Infrared SpectrometerIR-1 computer, etc.

Model: Digilabs FTS-3000
Location: 104 Partners III
Methodology and Rate: Vibrational (VIB) -

Current Instrument Status: Operational


Operating Procedures

  • General IR-1 operating procedures
  • Methodology specific operating procedures

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IR-1 workstation is a Digilabs FTS-3000 rapid scanning FTIR that is configurable in either the Near-Infrared, Mid-Infrared or Far-Infrared. It is normally configured for Mid-Infrared work. Measurements can be made in transmission, reflection, and attenuated total reflection (ATR) with this instrument. Methodologies that are most often conducted with this instrument are routine sample measurement, cryogenic work and laser photolysis additionally this instrument is used for training, and class instruction. The IR-1 workstation can also be fitted with a wide range of FTIR accessories to provide additional capabilities.


  • Spectrum measurements (transmission, absorbance, reflection) over a wavenumber range of 15,000–450 cm1 (0.6μm–22.0μm)
  • Self assembled monolayer (SAM) characterization
  • Synthesis characterization
  • Reaction monitoring
  • Materials analysis
  • Defect and surface contamination analysis
  • Laboratory instruction in spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopic research experiments
  • Laser photolysis
  • Cryogenic characterization of samples
  • Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR)
  • Diffuse Reflection (DR)
  • Grazing Angle (GR)


  • Beam Splitters
    • Quartz (Near-Infrared)
    • Extended range KBr (Mid-Infrared)
    • Mylar (6.25μm) (Far-Infrared)
  • Detectors
    • Liquid Nitrogen cooled MCT-A (Narrow band 7,500–650 cm-1)
    • Liquid Nitrogen cooled MCT-B (Wide band 7,500–450 cm-1)
    • Liquid Nitrogen cooled InSb (10,000–2,800 cm-1)
    • Non-cooled Silicon (15,000–9,000 cm-1)
    • Thermo-electric cooled DTGS (7,500–400 cm-1)
    • Non-cooled DTGS (7,500–600 cm-1)
    • Far-Infrared DTGS (550–100 cm-1)
  • Sources
    • Tungsten-Halogen (Near-Infrared/Visible source)
    • SiC Ceramic (Mid-Infrared)
  • Additional
    • The spectrometer and sample compartment are purged with dry compressed air, which reduces the possibility of atmospheric water or CO2 contamination of the spectra and samples.
    • A wide range of sample compartment FTIR accessories are available
    • Fitted with a duel 8 hole aperture wheel for use with internal and external sources
    • “Win IR-PRO” software for complete data collection and processing


  • Spectral Range: 15,000-450cm-1
  • Maximum Resolution: 0.1 cm-1

Note: Laser photolysis requires additional training. Please see Training for more information