Laser Imaging and Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility

Laser Imaging & Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility Policies Rationale

Nobody likes being told that they can not do something arbitrarily, so here we provide so of the reasons for some of LIVSF policies. Remember we would like all users of the facility to get the best results as quickly as possible.

General Rules of Conduct
Rule Reason for the Rule
All users must be trained by LIVSF staff to use the instruments Users then know how to operate the equipment properly, and we know who should be using the equipment, training is free and tailored to your needs.
Please contact Dr. Lappi as early as is possible to reserve instrument training or instrument time Helps avoid clashes, and assures you get the time you need.
Please start your session punctually Probably the greatest waste of time is waiting for somebody to start or stop work. It is not fair to other users to make them wait on you, because of your poor time management skills. Please be considerate of other users be on time and end on time.
Always cleanup after yourself This is good laboratory procedure and required by the university in general.
Users should make NO attempt to “fix” a problem please report the instrument issue promptly! Attempting to repairing an issue with instruments can lead to very costly service calls, repairing the problem yourself leaves the staff out of the loop and thus we can not perform the correct preventative maintenance when need.


Using the Spectrometers
Rule Reason for the Rule
Turn the purge done when you are finished This save ware and tear on the compressor that generates the purge.


Using the Lasers
Rule Reason for the Rule
All users of the laser systems must complete the REQUIRED NCSU laser safety training Most of the lasers in the facility are class 3b and 4, which can be a danger to you and others, it is important to know as much about the proper use of these laser as is possible, so you are not injured operating one.


Using the Microscopes
Rule Reason for the Rule
All Arc lamps must be kept on for 30 min minimum and need to cool for 30 min before being reignited Turning an arc lamp on and off reduces its life. If the lamp is switched off before it has fully warmed up mercury condenses on the glass :( Having minimum times for the lamp to be on and off increases the lifetime of the expensive$$$ bulbs
Do NOT attempt to remove any of the objectives! Objectives are very expensive (some > 10K$), improperly handling one can result in 1000’s of dollars to repair and means that you or other users do not have that objective to use, until it is replaced or repaired.