Laser Imaging and Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility

Thermo-1: Thermograph measurement system

Thermo-1 thermographics measurement systemThermo-1 control system

Model: Flir Thermocam SC3000
Location: 104 Partners III
Methodology and Rate: Thermograph

Current Instrument Status: Operational


Operating Procedures

  • Specific laser training for Thermo-1
  • General Thermo-1 operating procedures
  • Methodology specific operating procedures

Helpful Links

  • General Information on Thermograph
  • Information on Thermo-graphic Cameras

The Themo-1 system is composed of a near-infrared camera (Flir, Thermocam SC3000) and a Prior proscanII motorized stage. The primary heating source is a Coherent Verdi10, which is a Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser that produces up to 10W of 532nm light continuous wave (CW). This instrument is used most often for local spot heating measurements.


  • Thermal measurements


  • Detector
    • Flir Thermocam SC3000
  • Light sources
    • Coherent Mira 900 Ti:Sapphire laser
    • Coherent Verdi-10W 532nm CW

Note: This instrument requires additional laser training. Please see Training for more information.