Laser Imaging and Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility

Laser Imaging & Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility User Services

The LIVSF serves two primary groups of users; those who conduct work themselves and those who have the work conducted for them. Individual who conduct research themselves will need to arrange for appropriate training on the instrument needed for their project. Individuals needing work preformed for them fall into two additional categories; collaborations and clients, which are discussed below in more detail. The LIVSF also can hosts small class demonstrations and tours.

Training: All users (new and returning) receive training for the instruments they wish to use. New users please complete the new user form to arrange for the appropriate training. We will gladly to train you on as many different instruments needed for your project. Refresher courses and advanced training are available for new and previously trained users. For more details please see the Training pages.

Education: Does your class need a special equipment or methodology demonstration? Would it be helpful to provide your class with a look at the equipment that you are describing to them in course? The facility will be glad to assist facility and other university groups by providing equipment or methodology demonstration, where the cost of supplies is covered by the instructors. The LIVSF is also willing to participate in tours of the facility for university or departmental groups. Please contact as early as is possible in order to smoothly facilitate the integration of a demonstration or tour into your instructional program.

Advice: Not sure what instrument to use or what your data means? The best way to solve this problem is to ask! In that regard we are available for discussion about all aspects of your research at the facility including: project design, method development, spectral interpretation, special equipment, sample preparation, supply or equipment purchases, image acquisition, troubleshooting, data processing and analysis. Remember: There are NO, Stupid, Ignorant or Dumb Questions except the one’s you never ask, SO PLEASE ASK, we are here to help you achieve your goals! All information about your research project is treated as confidential.

Collaborations: Do you need help writing a description of instrumentation or methods that the facility has for your grant or publication? Would your project go smoother if the data where acquired and analyzed by the facility? If the answer is yes, then contact Dr. Evgeny Danilov (  ) to discuss how the facility can be of assistance. Active involvement in your research can be a benefit to both your research and the facilities longevity. We can provide practical and intellectual input for your project by performing data collection and analysis, attending meetings with your people, assisting in preparation of grant applications or publications. All information about your research project is treated as confidential.

Clients: Clients are defined as individuals or corporations desiring specific analysis to be preformed for them, which may or may not be of a confidential nature.

Important: This facility is not a certified testing laboratory as our primary mission is educational. Due to NCSU policy we are required to establish a (Testing Services Agreement also know as an ‘Analysis & Testing Agreement’)-LINK with each new client prior to any services performed. Please note there may be an additional charge for processing this paperwork.

Clients should contact to discuss details about their project, arrange a time line of work expected and the fees evolved. Please plan ahead for rush service is not available for new clients! All information about your research project is treated as confidential.

Data analysis: Collecting data is generally the easy part of any project, but then comes the hard part, what does it mean. Are you stuck, the analysis says one thing, but your hypothesis went the other way? If so, we might be able to give you an impartial look at it and make suggestions as where to go or what additional analysis might be of help. Post-data processing and analysis is an important part of modern research, but it can be difficult to know where to start. We can assist you in determining the best method of data analysis to ensure that you get most from your research. Please contact to discuss your problem.

Instrument development: Having a problem locating the right sample holder, spectral range or optical arrangement to perform your research? The facility might be able to assist you in either finding the necessary components or help you design them. Please contact to discuss your problem.

Manufacturer demonstrations: Do you need to test out a piece of equipment, before you purchase it? Does the equipment have special needs e.g. (purge gas, power requirements, vibration issues, light guards, etc)? If so, it might be easier for you and better for the manufacturer if the demonstration is hosted by LIVSF. Please contact to discuss how the facility maybe of assistance.

Equipment problems: If you are having a problem with a spectrometer or microscope and have not been able to find assistance from the manufacture we might be able to assist you with the issue. Please contact to discuss your problem.

Excess lab equipment: Do you have a laser, spectrometer or microscope that is gathering dust in a corner of you lab? Have you decided that it is time to take that long deserved vacation and close your research group? If your lab has lasers, spectroscopy or microscopy equipment that is either underutilized or burdensome to operate, then consider transferring it to the facility. You will benefit by still having access to the equipment, as well as reducing the cost to run your lab and will be benefiting other researchers by providing them access to the instrument without the headaches doing so yourself.

These are just a few of the possible ways in which the LIVSF can assist scientists in conducting research. If there are any other ways in which the LIVSF can facilitate and add to your research, please contact us.

All prospective facility users are encouraged to discuss their project, equipment needs and prospective timeline with as early as is possible in order to smoothly facilitate their project.

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Remember: There are NO, Stupid, Ignorant or Dumb Questions except the one’s you never ask, SO PLEASE ASK, we are here to help you achieve your goals!