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NC State has a highly diverse environment that fosters learning in a variety of teaching styles that employ different technologies as teaching tools. Building on user feedback, years of experience, and available technologies, a campus standard technology package has been developed that meets most of the needs of the faculty teaching in "110" classrooms. Generally, responses to this technology are positive with one of the main complaints being that there isn't enough of it. NC State strives to provide this package in as many classrooms as possible in a way that allows the technology to be a tool for teaching and learning, not an obstacle.

It is important to realize that the implementation of this package can vary significantly depending on the room and the faculty who primarily teach in it. As a result, the documents that reside here aim to help determine those needs, while continuing to provide a level of expectation to interested parties of a project. These standards are meant to be flexible to accomodate a variety of pedigogical styles while delivering the same level of functionality to the instructor. Used in conjunction with the NC State Construction Guidlelines, these documents should be used to help direct the creation of both new spaces and renovation of existing ones.

These standards are currently meant to apply to "110" classrooms. However, given the layout, they could be used to guide discussions on other spaces that may require AV technology.

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NC State Classroom Technology Standards

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