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3 Much easier and smoother. The Elmo: I can slap anything I want to show the class (models, the text, papers) w/o making transparencies. The lectern PC: I've pulled information from the web and the course web page with ease.
4 Yes, I couldn't move around the room as much as I like. I felt that I was tied to the document camera.
5 Yes.
6 setup time reduced dramatically when I needed to use a computer
7 Day and night difference. I can now use everything at my fingertip to communicate with the students.
9 No major changes so far. I felt a little awkward at times because I was unsure of how to use the technology most effectively. I ended up doing more paper shuffling than I would like while using the document projector.
10 I am able to lecture with ppts, students are able to have my lecture slides before class in pdf format so that they can capture my comments instead of frantically trying to copy the screen.
11 NA
12 I have been able to infuse technology into all aspects of both courses that I taught using the ClassTech classroom in Poe Hall. I feel that my students enjoyed it much more than in a traditional classroom.
13 Don't have to provide so many handouts. On line material can be accessed during class!
16 Even the seemingly small matter of having a PA system available made a significant difference to the way I conducted the class.
17 Yes. By using the equipment I have been able to get more students active in the learning process.
19 Allows more interactive leaning. Students can participate in class more effectively. A REAL BONUS
20 I provide many more visual aids.
21 I am able to do more interactive classroom activities such as creating graphs in real-time, using hyperlinks to make presentations non-linear, and the integration of video within the lesson
22 Using the ELMO, I used more visuals from magazines and books to display images to a larger class. I have always otherwise regularly used overhead projectors and VCRs.
23 Bringing the WebCT site into the classroom. I use video clips or internet video clips to illustrate certain topics. Showing art work on the doc cam and pointing out certain things in the images is far superior to holding up the book and then passing it ar
24 I was able to show portions of the paper we were discussing, rather than simply say, "Look at Figure 7."
25 More visual representation. Also, since my department is very frugal with transparency sheets, the document camera saved me money from my own pocket.
27 Yes. I was able to make lectures more interesting (I think). For example, with video clips, java applets, real time data capture and analysis.
28 it allowed me to use better visuals of figures, plots, etc.; it sped up my lecture efficiency
29 It got in my way. It was not quite a nightmare, but it was a large, irritating inconvenience. It seemed symbolic of the University's foolish haste to spend its scarce resources on the technological disruption of human contact.
30 More computer-based demos More use of paper notes and text with document projector.
31 The technology assisted in ease of presentation and organization of course content.
33 Having the technology has allowed me to use more complex diagrams and multimedia resources that enhance exposure to material. It has also made transperancies unnecessary.

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