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1.Did you or your scheduling officer request a classroom with instructional technology for your course? 
  • 1Computer provided in the lectern72194432516287
    2Document Camera114711033860287
    3Laptop inputs13852735487287
    4DVD player109126333160287
    6Overhead transparency projector1034202028175287
    7Wireless microphone (choose Not Applicable if no mic was available in your room.1711636101395287
4.All ClassTech rooms that have a wireless microphone also have a wireless presenter (device used to control a PowerPoint presentation with a built-in laser pointer). Did you use the wireless presenter this semester? 
  • 1N/A - My room did not have a wireless mic, thus it did not have a wireless presenter.
    4No. I didn't realize it was there or didn't know what it was.
5.Do you have any comments concerning the importance of these technologies to teaching your course?
  • "I had two instances where the right software wasn't on the machine in 2124 EB3. (Engineers need Matlab. I need the clickers to work.) When you rebuild the software in the lectern computer mid-semester, often things that got fixed are un-fixed."
    "Very helpful to have the computer and projector there during the rare times when I need to show something in, say, Matlab."
    The projector for my computer was essential.
    The microphone is important for me but was not working.
    very important
    I find the overhead projector to be very hand while using either the computer or docu-cam. I could give the lectures without them but they wouldn't be as good or as interactive.
    It is very important to maintain the VCR players even if vhs tapes are less and less frequently used. The reason is that you can always play a dvd on the computer or laptop but if there isn't a vcr then there is no way to play a vhs tape. For me and colleagues like me who teach foreign languages and/or film courses that include non-US films it would be enormously important to have multi-region dvd players (or to have the classroom computers set up so that they can play dvds from any world region).
    "Which technologies is this quesiton asking about? All the ones that I just provided comments on, or specifically the wireless presenter and mic part? This question is unclear. If about the overall technlogies, I will say this. The laptop connection was unusuable for about 1/3 of the cirtical times it was needed because the resolution of the projector was incompatible with the resolution of the laptops and no amount of adjustment could resolve the problem."
    "Students ""demand"" this method of deliver, however, has it become a ""crutch""...e.g. what's on the slide is the important stuff, but often the discussion of the slide by both instructor and students alike become the real take-away nugget."
    Love the laser- wasn't aware it was there until the semester was almost over though!
    I use a blended teaching approach that employs a great deal of technology. I cannot teach without these tools.
    the computer and being able to put up powerpoint presentations was essential.
    since students give some presentations access to projectors/computer was crucial. Also using doc cam for class presentations and discussing homework projects is very important.
    I would use presentation recording software more frequently if there were a wireless microphone in my classrooms.
    "after using a smartroom, i do not want to go back to the old blackboard"
    "They are increasingly important to me, esp. in the big survey classes. "
    "All are essential to teaching a fully media-enhanced course. I also use the telephone a few time during the semester to call experts in other places (Minnesota, England, Denmark, Montana), so having access to long-distance is essential."
    Seminar-like classes rely less on these technologies.
    "No, but I want to try the Camtasia recording option when I'm more comfortable and have some time!"
    "I did not find the wireless presenter helpful. The one in Withers 145 did not seem to hold a charge for the full class period, or it had some other problem that rendered it unusable after about 20 minutes. The old wireless mouse was great but I understand it was expensive. I gave up on the wireless presenter and just used the wired mouse."
    "The primary things I use te technology for are / - preparing problem statements ahead of time on my website, and showing them in class (I don't use prepared PowerPoint or the like); / - highlighting parts of the text on the document camera / - writing on the document camera particularly important lines to be revisited later in the lecture"
    the computer in the lectern and laptop are essential for teaching. the document camera is useful to me to show pictures from books and some other things
    "I could never find the remote in my room (and did not know there should be one either). I brought my own, but it broke midway through the semester, so I clicked through using the keyboard."
    Wireless presenter is difficult to use and resulted in poor performance and so was not used.
    Very important
    "for lage rooms such as EB2 1015 when full capacity, microphone could have larger amplification."
    My class size did not require use of a mic. But it is good to know that is was there.
    "The wireless microphone in Poe 216 was a constant headache, with bursts of feedback noise and other problems. One day I had to hold the microphone inches in front of my mouth to be heard. Several days it didn't work at all. By the end of the course I gave up and lectured without it."
    "I never use the desktop system, but it's nice to have in case anything goes wrong with my laptop."
    Nothing specific. The technology that I did use works fine.
    The wireless mic is important in big lecture halls. The wireless slide controller is important in all classrooms.
    I use PowerPoint and on-line videos so the computer and projector are the most important considerations. Sometimes I like to also quickly use the whiteboard but the lack of markers made that problematic.
    I rely on them
    "My course is 1:1, so laptop inputs and wireless points were indispensible."
    "Working with the doc-cam interferes swith my contact with the class. I f ind I'm looking at the paper on which I'm writing, and the arm interferes with my view of the class. I am unable to make the same visual contact with the people I'm speaking to as I used to do."
    "I teach a very conventional course; having the whiteboard clean is the most important thing. But I do occasionally use the ClassTech features, and for those occasions, I really do need them. "
    "Please keep the VCRS, I use them often."
    The computer projector is critical for presenting weather model data to the class.
    "I didn't use the wireless pointer/slide advancer in the room b/c it had such limited range. I would like to use it, but need something that I can use from anywhere in the room (Poe 216). I supplied my own device to get better range/use."
    The lighting of the lecture room is also essential. Overhead projection but no option to turn off the lights in the front (for enhanced projection) but keep them on in the back (for students taking notes) is only sub-standard.
    They're essential as students expect to be entertained with visuals.
    The laptop connection was essential to my presentation sine I cannot use presenter view without two screens on a windows machine and can with a mac. The only reason I used the computer in the room was because the connection failed on many occasions.
    The computer and projector are used for every class. They are essential for the current mode of delivery.
    "I broke my jaw late the the semester. I can talk, but not with much volume. I asked for help from classtech and learned that my classtech classroom was equipped with a wireless mike. They also checked out the mike in my room and met me at the classroom the first day that I used it to make sure everything worked. At the end of the semester, it was important that I was able to lecture. The classtech staff was very helpful. Thanks. "
    I was in Poe 220 and the Power Points tended to have difficulty and the computer would freeze up. / It would be great if this was fixed for the fall semester.
    "They make teaching easier, but I'm not sure of the effect on learning."
    The projector resolution is low. It would nice to go higher than 1024.x768. I was teaching in EB2 1228.
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6.When using the in-room computer, where are files stored that you use during your class?
  • 1Unity file space (aka K: drive, AFS file space, WolfCall, etc.)7024%
    2Departmental / college file space (e.g. U: drive)186%
    3USB device (e.g. flash drive, thumb drive, pen drive, iPod)17762%
    4Remote Desktop197%
    6Web site (WebCT Vista, Wolfware locker, personal site, other sites)13146%
    7E-Mail Attachment8530%
    8I rarely or never use the in-room computer because I use my laptop or other portable computing device3211%
    9I never access any electronic files in class93%
  • I'd like some help figuring out one of these fancier ways to store my files for class.
    google docs
    Used OneNote
    public folder in department
    I use my laptop
    I use it as a back-up if other s fail
    dropbox (www.dropbox.com)
    Students use the computer to access presentation pictures.
    I use my labtop
    I use the in-room computer as a backup
7. Do you have access to a laptop to bring to your class sessions? Choose one of the following answers.
  • 1Yes, one I own or that is assigned to me
    2Yes, one that is shared or checked out as needed
8.Do you have any comments concerning the difficulty or ease of using ClassTech rooms?
  • It's nice that the Cisco switcher panel is fairly uniform from one room to another. Splitting the two screens doesn't work well for me though. (It would be nice to show the document camera on one screen and the lectern computer on the other.
    "No, it's reasonable enough."
    Works great
    Pretty easy!
    very easy
    For the most part all the systems are intuitive and easy to use. Sometimes simple tasks like only having one screen down in a two screen room seem impossible though and this would be a nice change.
    "First, I don't like the way that the instructor's desk/table restricts the movement and access between the instructor and the students in the class. / / Second, the laptop connection was unusuable for about 1/3 of the cirtical times it was needed because the resolution of the projector was incompatible with the resolution of the laptops and no amount of adjustment could resolve the problem."
    Generally very easy.
    easy to use once I played with it a bit
    I find them easy to use at least for what I and my class needs.
    Things worked better this semester than in the past since the audio functions in one of my classrooms was fixed.
    They are great -- and when I need help the techs are GREAT.
    "The technology always worked, except when 2215 Williams started having some trouble. The last couple of sessions, I could not get any sound through the PC."
    Y'all make it easy and are always very quick to respond if there is a problem!
    "I am very pleased overall, only the lack of the wireless mouse is disappointing. "
    "Generally quite smooth. / / It's unfortunate that, in my room (Daniels 434), the projector screen covers one of the whiteboards; I'd rather tbe able to use all the whiteboards plus the screen. / / I used to use Unity file space but it stopped being able to mount the necessary drive late in the fall semester. "
    I have found them easy to use.
    easy to use
    The smart board does not work!!
    Not all computers have everything loaded on them (ie real player) so some of the things I needed would not run on the computer.
    easy to use
    It is fine.
    They have gotten easier to use.
    I find them to be rather easy to operate.
    Just that the quality of LearnTech help has fallen drastically in the last 6 months. People don't seem to know the answers anymore where I used to get great help the first time around.
    "with exception of DVD, great ease"
    "I think technology often gets in the way of communication. For example, Powerpoint slides are wonderful things, but the students don't take notes because they know they'll get the slides later. They retain much less when they don't write notes down."
    "Tends to be straightforward, though I've come into class and discovered I need to reboot the desktop, which takes a dismayingly long time."
    I am a techno-phobe and even I find it super easy
    "The desktop computer that is connected to the projector did not work one week, and I had to reconnect the projector to another desktop."
    "In general, they are great. The equipment is reliable and in good condition. It's intuitive and easy to use. I have three concerns that minor changes could improve: / a) Do not show a screen typing my password. When I type my useriname and password, a screen appears on the projection screen showing what I type. That seems unwise; replacing it with bullets and showing no screen makes more sense. / b) I had two events where I could not login using my username and password. I reported them both; for reasons I couldn't figure out, it just kicked me out. In both cases, I was eventually able to logon successfully, but it took 3-6 tries. / c) Increase the range of the wireless mouse/pointer system."
    I was astounded that there were no white board markers provided in the room. I often forgot to bring my own and it was a REAL PAIN to have to start class late while I went to get some!!!!
    sometimes volume controls are ambiguous.
    The laptop connector was awful in the 500 classroom assigned to PSY faculty/staff. It would often not connect to my laptop and made me think there was something wrong with my machine. I even took it to the Apple store to identify the problem when I realized it wasn't my machine but the connections in this classroom that were the problem. I have never been so dissappointed with the presentation technology as I was this semester. It made me look incompetent in front of students and completely unprepared to use technology (or have a back up plan).
    The lack of support for roaming profiles is a drawback. Everything must be configured in every room/computer and must be reconfigured when the computer is re-imaged. This is tedious and disruptive.
    "Any link within PP is a problem in the Class Tech Room I use (636 Poe). If I need to go to a video, for example, I have to get out of PP and then go to the video. This wasn't a problem last year, but it is now. "
    Projector not able to support higher resolutions.
    "Sometimes the devices (computers) in the rooms were slow or did not read/open my files - I would have to wait for the ""lag time"" to pass before I could proceed, which at times was annoying. I had to shut down and restart the projector on the occasions I found it was left on by the previous instructor who had used the room. "
    very easy to use; staff is very quick to respond when there are difficulties.
    Not sure how/if it is possible to use the AFS space in the classroom. Would be good if own office desktop and class room PC would use same AFS.
    Everything has worked fine
    Technical support provided with room was excellent!
    Ease of use is great.
    Having the ClassTech rooms has opened up the possibilities and ease of teaching and my students' presentations. I cannot imagine ever returning to the non-ClassTech format.
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9.If you called the HelpDesk for support of classroom technology, how satisfied were you with the service you received? Please rate your agreement with the statement(s) below. 
  • 1Not Applicable
    2Very Satisfied
    5Very Dissatisfied
10.If a ClassTech technician came to your classroom, how satisfied were you with the service you received? Please rate your agreement with the statement(s) below. 
  • 1Not Applicable
    2Very Satisfied
    5Very Dissatisfied
11.Do  you have any suggestions for ways to improve the support provided for this ClassTech room?
  • N/A
    My guess would be that faculty only use the support service when they have a lecture that requires the technology but the technology isn't working. As such the only suggestion I can make is that the support service be able to immediately respond to problems.
    The technology worked correctly all semester...I was pleased to know there was support, however, support was not required this semester during my lecture periods.
    I was unaware that one could get a room with wireless mics. Some additional training on what is available and how to use it would help.
    No . it's really impressive.
    I've been trying to get a clock in 2215 Williams for a couple of years, but ClassTech says it can't do that, the department needs to. But I teach in a room in a distant building and have no clout with the department. It would be great if you could just spend 20 bucks and put up a clock. Incidentally, the clock on the podium controller in 2215 Williams isn't reading the right time, not by minutes, but by hours. Also, I think 2215 Williams needs two flat screen TVs hung about half-way back, so it is easier to see for students in the back.
    No, you guys are awesome
    do the projectors have a timed shutoff? when i leave poe hall at 1030 some nights, i often see some of them projecting in empty dark rooms
    Quicker response. I had more than one class that, even after a problem was reported, I was unable to use the technology because of malfunction.
    The smart board does not work. We also need access to Math Specific software to teach with (Geometer's Sketchpad, Fathom, Tinkerplots)
    The wireless mouse did not work ever. In Poe, there wasn't a wireless mouse.
    Support is always remarkably quick and efficient. Appreciated.
    The support staff were extremely helpful.
    Install Mediasite in Bostian 3712
    Improve the knowledge of people answering the phone when I call LearnTech. PLEASE!
    DVD infor re using CD rom
    Better testing/maintenance during times the classroom is not in use to make sure everything is working properly.
    As I said, there is a rarely occurring glitch where it didn't allow me to login. The classtech support person said it was the first time he'd seen it happen to a non-tech support person. Otherwise, y'all are great.
    The computer software updates seemed to screw up things on my computer system a couple times. After calling help desk, the problems were resolved by the next class. It affected the immediate class a couple times.
    lighting: individual control of lights in the front and in the back are necessary.
    It would be helpful if I was able to upgrade some of the programs that I use a lot, such as Java. I can't expect Class Tech to keep all these programs up to date, but I sometimes have a lot of problems if the programs are not up to date.
    Would be nice if dry-erase markers were always stocked in the rooms.
    April Tilley was my technician and she was a great support! Everything was posted promptly.
    The microphone could be checked more regularly. There were a couple of times when the microphone made exploding sounds and bothered the class. The instructor who followed me in the room reported the problem and it was fixed.
    Winston 131: When the screen is down the whiteboard is completely useless! It would be great to have a rolling board or another board that could be used or some other alternative. Alternatively, if the projector could be moveable or repositioned to use a screen on the board.
    I found the operation of DVDs in the computer cumbersome this year...which I normally do not find. Some students had to switch to using the DVD player which was harder to manipulate scene selection, minutes, etc.
    I had a trained Class Tech student in my class, which proved to be helpful several times and avoided the need to delay class to call someone. Having more students trained could be helpful.
    Provide direct access to help via a phone and phone numbers in the Poe Hall rooms and have help available until at least 5 pm Monday through Friday.
    The response was always very prompt when I had problems. I teach the first class of the day, and I really appreciated having help before 8 a.m!
    I'd appreciate having some written instructions in the room for ways to turn on a projector, raise the table, etc. when the buttons don't work. Delaying class to make a phone call to tech support wastes everyone's time.
    Not really. As long as there is a phone in the room and a sign with the phone number to call, you're doing everything I think you need to do.
    Have a real person answer Help calls. This being routed through an endless menu defeats the entire purpose.
    Just the information I've already submitted concerning the presenters and the in-class phones. It would be great to be able to pick up the phone and get a tech who could walk you through a problem, especially since when I call it's usually during a class
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12.How often do you use clickers (classroom response system) for your course? Choose one of the following answers
  • 1Never
    2At least once a week
    3At least once a month
13.Would you like ClassTech to send you information about Clickers?
14.Are you interested in capturing and distributing classroom content (i.e. audio and/or projected content)? Choose one of the following answers
  • 1Very Interested
    2Somewhat Interested
    3Not Sure
    4Not at all interested
15.What would you like to capture? Choose one of the following answers
16.How do you use Clickers? Click all that apply.
  • 1To take attendance
    2Quizzes and/or Exams
    3Evaluate student understanding
    4Other (Please describe)
  • Provide students feedback about their own understanding. Catch common mistakes.
    Discussion or opinions
    obtain sensitive information; collect class data
    Might use it but need to understand use and availability
    to demonstrate how to use.
    I don't know how to use them
17.If made available, how many times in a semester would you use teleconferencing and/or videoconferencing in the classroom? Choose one of the following answers
18.Please provide any other comments you have about ClassTech rooms, their support or classroom technology in general.
  • It would be nice if the low-tech white board markers in the room were working. I had to bring my own to each class to ensure I had working markers to write on the board with.
    In both classrooms I used the wireless microphones didn't work - either didn't work properly (fading in or out) or not at all.
    good job
    The computer monitors are poorly placed and block the white board. It is ridiculous to have a class room where only about a quarter of the white board is usable because of sight obstructions like the monitor. You need to make sure there are usable white board markers in the rooms. This is far more critical than many of the useless electronic dodads you cram into these rooms.
    I have one major complaint that is consistent among many of the faculty. Many of the classtech rooms with a projector have the drop down screen directly in front of the white board or chalk board at the front of the room. This makes sense on based on the idea that an instructor will use one or the other but many of us would like to use both at the same time. On multiple occasions I've decided not to use the projector because it would cover what's on the board and I need to refer to it.
    I have been very satisfied with the technology and the support provided by ClassTech.
    I have recently used Adobe's Connect software to deliver a webinar via Utah State University's Extension IT group. I found this software very easy to use and with minimal training time (like 10 minutes).
    Generally responses are very fast when a problem arises. This is essential.
    There would be no planned videoconferencing. However, the ability of a student to attend a class remotely might be useful for when students are at a conference on home with an illness but still want to see a lecture.
    I have heard rumor you are getting rid of VCR. If yes, please give good warning so I can convert the VCR tapes I use. Service is great.
    The classroom works wonderfully, and it is great to have it all there, ready to use, with a fairly standard template from room to room. Please don't ever change (except maybe getting my clock...)
    You rock! I love having the suite of technology available in my classroom. I think it's great for both me and my students.
    Thank you!
    i am satisfied
    EVERY classroom should have the minimum of a computer and/or hookups for a laptop and a projector.
    I would like to have more control of the room lights: to bypass all darkness because projection early int he mroning for students in the dark is call for trouble. If the instructor could keep the lights ON would be so much better.
    Support for this class was very well. The technical support in the classroom was always available and very helpful. The communication with the EOL (HW. exams, etc.) was also done well and in a timely manner.
    I would be interested in clicker technology if the technology clickers themselves could be affixed to student seating spaces in a large classroom and the students could access the clickers throught their student ID numbers. The idea that every NCSU student in a large classroom will be responsible and remember to bring their individual clicker with them to each lecture is misconceived. Altternatively, if students could access a clicker through their smart phones or their laptops- that might work - given they can't resist getting on those during lecture.
    I don't know what projected content is so I cannot answer your question with any validity. Try avoiding jargon in your questions.
    I appreciate this service immensely and students benefit greatly. Thank you.
    The Microsoft orientation of the software can cause problems for me. I use Linux in my office and for my research; I recognize this is a deeply minority position, but I also thought that NC State was officially in support of Open Source as a general philosophy.
    Used clickers one semester; it was a horrible experience. ClassTech & DELTA didn't cooperate in helping me. Will not attempt this technology again because it means you're essentially on your own if anything goes wrong.
    @clickers: I used "manual clickers" (ie voting by hand-raising) as my class was small and I did not want to burden the students with the extra expense while still making use of the teaching method associated with clickers. @capturing lecture contect: My priority would be writen content, such as from the white boards or similar (not so much audio).
    good work. very response to faculty needs
    The one time I absolutely needed assistance, the technician arrived very quickly and solved the problem before my class even started. Otherwise, if there is a problem, I just go low tech. or leave out something in my lecture/presentation.
    I wish room 3 in Winston Hall had a better configuration between the white board and the big projector screen. I had to choose to use one or the other and whatever was written on the board was covered up when the projector was in use. Still better than having no technology at all, however. Please make sure the systems are not so slow - it seemed to take several minutes for things to start up in the morning (Winston 3 and 5) on most days. Also, the projector command screen on the counter in Winston 3 had a time setting that was off by about 10-15 minutes at least, so I never knew exactly what time it was just by looking at that. It needs to be adjusted. In SAS Hall room 1220, the projector screen lowering mechanism was fixed in response to a notification I sent it about it not functioning (around mid-semester). When it was finally fixed, the image projected onto the lowered screen from the computer monitor was not in exact alignment with the screen dimensions, so some of the image was cut off and distorted on the wall behind the projector screen. This should be adjusted - I didn't take the time during the last few weeks to figure out if there was a way to do this from the computer or projector panel on the desk.
    rooms are great; support is great
    No other comments.
    Thanks to all of you for excellent support which helped me as well as the students. It is a wonderful service.
    Greatly satisfied by the ClassTech rooms!
    there were lots of dry erase markers in my room, but 90+% of them were too dry to be usable. A good supply of multi-colored dry erase markers would be very valuable. Regular checking and replacing of the markers should be done.
    I have no other comments. Thank you!
    I really like Camtasia because I can save the files to my hard drive. (That came in very handy when there were technical difficulties and I had to post last year's lectures!) I tried and did not like the iTunes U option. I didn't want to use MediaSite because I don't know where those files go or who has access to them. I am very happy with Camtasia.
    I've been pleased with the speed at which the classrooms have been converted to ClassTech rooms.
    Clickers - I taught in EB2-2025(?, one of the large lecture rooms) and never did find the Clicker code for the room.
    My general comment is that the technology provided is a valuable tool and I find myself and students responding to it in a positive way.
    It would be nice if the telconference information in the room is available to the users.
    I would love to be able to capture the display with synchronized audio and a headshot to provide to students (I run my own server) as a class resource.
    None. Mostly everything seems to be working smoothly.
    I am highly satisfied. Class Tech rooms are great to teach in.
    happy experiences.
    As I say every semester on this survey, please keep the Class Tech rooms tidy and clean.
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