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The NC State Cooperative Education Program is structured to provide multiple work experiences for students, with study and work terms. At the same time, our students can fill an important role in your company - energetic, skilled workers eager to make a good impression and contacts in the real world.

A Co-op placement is more than an internship or a part-time gig - our students are dedicated, hard-working and ready to jump into a position that's in line with their career or academic goals. While a student is out on Coop, he or she is still considered a full-time NC State student.

As an employer, you want to hire only the best and the brightest employees - our students must qualify academically and participate in a number of pre-screening assessements and interviews with a member of the cooperative education staff before they are allowed to apply for a position with a participating employer.

At that point, you will have the ability to screen resumes, arrange for interviews and make offers to only those students who best fulfill your needs and requirements.

Studies have shown that recruitment efforts were more successful with Co-op graduates, recruitment costs were lower and many Co-op students offered permanent jobs accepted them.

As an employer participating in the Co-op program, you'll enjoy:

Want to learn more? Request a packet of employer information today, by sending your mailing address to the Co-op Office.

CO-OP News & Events

Co-op Orientation
First step for students

CPT Session Schedule

Monday, September 23 Work Reports Due for Summer 2015 Work Term

Co-op Interviews

STEP Program

Engineering Career Fair February 3, 2016

Co-op Job Fair February 23, 2016

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