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Many companies interview Co-op students through on campus interviews.

Dates of interviews for those companies interviewing on campus, and sign up information is available through ePACK.

Interviews are an essential element of the Co-op process - face-to-face meetings that could lead you to a great opportunity!

Before the big day arrives, learn everything you can about the companies youve decided to meet with! Company websites and internet searches of guides and references are a good place to begin. Talk with your Co-op Coordinator for additional suggestions.

However, if you find that its necessary to cancel your interview, you'll need to do a couple of things:

This is an important step - you wont be allowed to interview with any company until the steps above are completed. Unfortunately, if you miss a second interview, youll be asked to leave the Co-op program. Employers taking part in the Co-op program are looking for reliable, dependable students to join them, so please remember that whether its in the classroom or in an interview setting, you are representing the Co-op program and the University as well as yourself.

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