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Relocating A Lighthouse - Educator's Guide

Relocating A Lighthouse is an inquiry-based exploration. Students investigate the issues concerning the relocation of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. As they engage in their exploration, they are guided to identify the social, political, and scientific issues with which different stakeholders must deal by exploring the resources in this section of Carolina Coastal Science and linking to other resources on the World Wide Web. The resources include a Cape Hatteras Lighthouse timeline, photographs of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in its original position, photographs of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse relocation process, newspaper articles, Internet Links to Cape Hatteras Lighthouse interest groups, video newsclips, relocation reports, and an animation showing the entire relocation process.

Relocating A Lighthouse can be used as an individual student inquiry exploration followed by a class debate. Students can debate on the issue of whether or not this lighthouse should be protected. A further debate can conclude with a recommendation on protecting the structure.

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