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Mason's Inlet/Shell Island Resort

Mason's Inlet separates Figure Eight Island and Wrightsville Beach. The inlet has been migrating to the south, leaving a sand spit to the north and a rapidly eroding Wrightsville Beach to the south. Shell Island Resort, built in an Inlet Hazard Zone, is in danger because of the migrating inlet. There has been much discussion and controversy regarding the appropriate shoreline policy with respect to buildings such as Shell Island.

These pictures were taken in June 1997. What structures are the resort owners using to protect their investment?

In order to explore these issues in more detail, click on the Shell Island Dilemma section of this website.

How far south do you think this inlet will migrate?

Here is a video clip that shows the migration of Mason's Inlet(6.6 MB).

Panorama (618 K)

These photographs were taken at:
34 14' 13 N, 77 46' 33 W

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ebb tidal delta linear island Mason's Inlet Mason's Inlet

Mason's Inlet memory sheeting sea wall Shell Island

Shell Island vibrator vibrator vibrator


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