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Stakeholders' Resources

The stakeholders in the Shell Island Dilemma are as follows:

Divide your class into different stakeholder roles.

As you explore the resources, remember that you are in the role of a stakeholder. Think about and try to determine the current North Carolina policies regarding the placement of hard structures in public trust areas such as the beach. How does the current coastal policy affect your vested interests as a stakeholder?

Click on your stakeholder name above to read a brief description of your stakeholder role and to see a recommended list of important resources to review.

After reviewing the resources, prepare a statement to decide what should be the next course of action regarding the Shell Island Resort. You will present your statement in a debate to decide the future of the Shell Island Resort. Each student should complete a Position Statement Handout.

After students have had enough time to review the resources and prepare their position statements, hold a debate to decide the next course of action. When the debate is complete, take a vote on the proposed solutions and conclude the debate when a consensus of 2/3 of the class agrees on a proposed solution.

Click here for a copy of a Student Record Sheet Assessment that can be completed by each individual student at the conclusion of the debate.

Here are resources to use to identify and investigate the issues:

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