Important: Adjustments to NC State’s COVID-19 Policies

NC State community,

As rates of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations continue to decline in North Carolina and across the country, the university is reducing masking and testing requirements in line with recent updates from the state and guidance from health officials. Please take a moment to read through this message for important campus updates.

Face Coverings

Effective Monday, Feb. 28, face coverings will not be required in most indoor spaces on campus. Face coverings will remain mandatory in classrooms and other specific high-density spaces where individuals are required to be in close contact for extended periods of time.

Regardless of an individual’s vaccination status, face coverings are still required for the following locations and situations:

  • In classrooms and instructional settings.
  • In laboratories.
  • On Wolfline buses.
  • In clinical spaces, including the Student Health Center and the Veterinary Hospital.
  • For employees working in dining and other food-contact locations.

Although face coverings are not required in other indoor or outdoor spaces, you are encouraged to wear them if you feel more comfortable or safer doing so.


Effective Monday, Feb. 28, weekly testing will not be required for individuals who have not provided proof of vaccination to the university.

Students, faculty and staff will continue to have access to free COVID-19 testing on campus. No appointments are required. All testing locations are remaining open, although hours may be adjusted. For more information on testing schedules and locations, please click here

Vaccinations and Boosters

Vaccines remain the best defense against COVID-19 and have proven effective against the most severe symptoms. Please get vaccinated and, if you are eligible, get your booster shot. 

COVID-19 vaccines and boosters remain available for our community through Student Health Services. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Personal Responsibility, Pack Respect

We all have individual experiences — as well as personal or family situations or other circumstances — that may influence our decisions to take additional precautions against COVID-19. As members of this Wolfpack, we also each have the responsibility to respect and support one another. Each one of us is responsible for taking steps to help protect ourselves and others. Please be respectful of others and their choices.  

Moving Ahead

As conditions evolve, we must continue to be flexible and make adjustments as needed. We know these changes will be easier for some than for others, and we encourage you to have patience and empathy as we work through this next phase of the pandemic together as a Pack. 

Thank you for your commitment to doing your part to Protect the Pack