Reactivating Campus

NC State has restructured the 2020-21 fall semester and put plans in place to reactivate campus while lessening the spread of COVID-19.

New Academic Calendar

  • NC State will begin its 2020-21 academic year on Aug. 10, nine days earlier than originally scheduled, and will forgo fall break in order to complete the semester — including finals — before Thanksgiving.
  • Students will attend classes on Labor Day, and they will not return to campus after Thanksgiving or at any time for the remainder of the calendar year.
  • Commencement plans will be announced at a later date.

The driving factor behind these schedule changes is the health, safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff. Many public health experts believe our nation and our state could face a second wave of COVID-19 sometime in late fall or early winter. This guidance led us to decide to start and finish the semester early, in an effort to try to stay ahead of a potential second wave.

In addition, college campuses can face a tremendous challenge during this pandemic when students, faculty and staff leave for breaks. Members of the university community who leave during breaks often engage in domestic and international travel, which can cause them to be exposed to the novel coronavirus either at their destination or during their travel. Compressing the academic calendar to finish the semester before Thanksgiving is intended to prevent our community members from contracting COVID-19 during holiday travel, bringing the disease back to campus and spreading it to others.

Key Dates

  • June 15: Virtual orientation begins.
  • Aug. 10: Classes begin.
  • Sept. 7: Classes will be held on Labor Day.
  • Nov. 13: Last day of classes.
  • Nov. 16: Exams begin.
  • Nov. 20: Last day of exams.

This information is subject to change. Last updated: June 16, 2020.

How to Return to Campus Safely

The information distributed throughout this Protecting the Pack website is also available as a printable .PDF guide. The most recent draft of the guide is available below.

Download the Guide (PDF)

Reactivation Plans

Below, you’ll find detailed summaries of the policies and procedures being implemented for the coming year. More information and resources will be added over time, so keep checking back.