Task Forces

Meet the 10 task forces charged with planning NC State's return to campus.

Students in the NC State Brickyard

Meeting the Challenges of COVID-19

In May 2020, Chancellor Randy Woodson set up 10 task forces to plan for the reactivation of campus operations. Each group includes faculty, staff and students from across the university, and each was tasked with developing a detailed plan for a specific aspect of campus life. The task forces and their chairs are:

  • Academic Calendar (Louis Hunt, Senior Vice Provost, Enrollment Management and Services)
  • Campus Facilities and Grounds (Doug Morton, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities)
  • Student Activities (Lisa Zapata, Interim Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs)
  • Organized Research (Mladen Vouk, Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation)
  • Extension (Rich Bonanno, Associate Dean and Director, Extension)
  • Partnerships, Engagement and Economic Development (Kevin Howell, Vice Chancellor, External Affairs, Partnerships and Economic Development; Leslie Boney, Vice Provost, Outreach and Engagement)
  • Development and Alumni Engagement (Brian Sischo, Vice Chancellor, Advancement)
  • Athletics (Boo Corrigan, Director, Athletics)
  • Campus Enterprises and Dining (Rich Berlin, Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Enterprises)
  • University Housing (Donna McGalliard, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Executive Director, Housing)

In addition to other information about COVID-19 and NC State’s response, this site summarizes key recommendations of the 10 preliminary task force reports. The task forces continue to evaluate operating circumstances and refine plans for the fall.

This information is subject to change. Last updated: June 16, 2020.