If you test positive for COVID-19, it's vital that you let us know so we can support you and trace the disease's spread.

How to Self-Report

If you test positive for COVID-19, or if a health care provider tells you that you are presumed positive for the novel coronavirus, please notify the university by filling out the relevant form:

For Students For Faculty and Staff

If you are faculty or a staff member, you should also contact your University Human Resources representative for additional information on leave options, including options available under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

If you do not have web access, please call Student Health Services at 919-513-0277 to self-report a positive diagnosis for COVID-19.

This procedure is voluntary, and the information is confidential. The form helps university health care professionals conduct contact tracing and provide any resources and support you might need. Learn more about our student and employee contact tracing programs.

Last updated: Aug. 6, 2021.