Summer Updates

NC State community:

As we head into the summer months, we are consolidating campus COVID-19 health services and operations. It remains important for all of us to continue taking measures to protect ourselves against COVID-19. That means staying home if you’re sick, getting vaccinated and receiving boosters if you’re eligible, and getting tested as needed. The university will continue to make adjustments to ensure we are best serving the community.

The following updates and policies are now in place for the months ahead.

Vaccines and Testing

You can still get tested and vaccinated on campus. To schedule a vaccine appointment, click here. On-campus testing remains available for students, faculty and staff throughout the summer. For information on locations and hours, click here. If you get a positive test result off-campus, we encourage you to voluntarily self-report so that the university can provide support as needed, particularly around leave and absence verification.

Isolation and Quarantine

Students living off campus, faculty and staff who test positive should follow isolation and quarantine guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, self-report and follow additional guidance provided by NC State about returning to campus. Students living on campus are strongly encouraged to complete their period of isolation at a permanent residence. If a student living on campus cannot isolate at a permanent residence, there is limited isolation housing available for emergency situations.

Data Tracking

Lower rates of on-campus testing and the increasing availability of home tests mean data tracking no longer provides a comprehensive look at COVID-19’s impact on campus. Consistent with other state and federal reporting systems, NC State is no longer maintaining a COVID-19 dashboard.

Community Standards

Community standards were implemented in 2020 to guide campus through the pandemic. As the pandemic changed, those standards have changed, and they now focus on personal risk assessment and responsibility. Please continue making well-informed decisions to protect your own personal safety and the health and safety of others.

Moving Forward

We will continue to monitor the pandemic and the health and safety of our campus, and adapt and communicate as it becomes necessary. Thank you for your efforts to protect the Pack.