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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

The MSDS - A Practical Guide to First Aid

Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s), formerly known as “Material Safety Data Sheets—MSDS” are available in an easily reviewable, electronic, downloadable format from NC State University’s primary SDS site. This site is only available to those connected to an NC State University affiliated computer (NC State University IP address).
Click on the following link to access this site:

NC State University SDS Management System

TIP: For a better searching experience, select ‘Advanced Search’ (located on the upper left-hand side of the web page)
Please note:

  • If you are located somewhere other than a NC State University location you will be asked for a password. This means you do not have access and should try one of the other sites listed below or conduct a search on the internet for your desired chemical.
  • If you are at a NC State University location (NC State University IP address) and are challenged with a password please contact Safety Officer at 919-513-0988 or

Other SDS database sites are listed below should you have difficulty finding the information you need. Our thanks go to those universities and organizations that provide access to their information. If you are still unable to locate the SDS you need, please contact Safety officer at 919-513-0988 or

The primary responsibility for obtaining SDS’s rests with the department ordering the chemical or product. Departments are encouraged to keep hard copies if feasible; however, if SDS’s are immediately available electronically, copies are not required.
Other SDS Databases and sources of information

If any of these links are not working, appear to have been moved or if you have any further questions regarding SDS’s, please contact Safety Officer at 919-513-0988 or