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Hazardous Materials Committee

The Hazardous Materials Committee advises the Director of the Environmental Health and Safety Center on matters relating to the safe use of hazardous materials in conducting the teaching, research, and extension missions of the University. The Committee also performs the following functions:

Assist the Director in developing policies and procedures to meet federal, state, local and University regulations relating to hazardous materials,

Serves as an appeals board in the case of actions taken by the Environmental Health and Safety Center that are alleged to unfairly impact the activities of faculty, staff, or students using hazardous chemicals or processes, and functions as a "Chemical Hygiene Committee" as specified by federal regulation 29CFR1910.1450.

Membership consists of faculty and staff representing University units with significant use of hazardous materials, but in no case less than nine members. The term of membership is three years and arranged so that at least one third of the members are replaced each year. Appointments are made by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business based on recommendations from the Committee and the Director of the Environmental Health and Safety Center. During the last meeting of the year, the Committee elects a Vice Chair. After one year, the Vice Chair will ascend to the position of Chair. Ex officio members include the Environmental Health and Safety Center Director, Industrial Hygiene Manager, and Biosafety Officer.

The Committee meets at least four times a year. The Director of the Environmental Health and Safety Center calls to order the first meeting of each academic year and provides a charge to the Committee in person.